Nailbox Monthly Subscription Box Review | June Edition

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Seeing the many subscription boxes the beauty world has to offer, receiving a delightful email about a new monthly subscription offering all kinds of nail products delivered right to your door from as little as £13.50 per month.

Yes please was the answer to that.

What's that you may ask? Another manufactured beauty box, filled with the tiniest samples by brands that are crazy expensive to even consider a repurchase or so ridiculous that you have no use for them, so they stay unused in the bottom of your beauty drawer? 

Girl, you've got this so wrong.

Nailbox is a monthly subscription service which is a nail polish addicts best friend. Each month packaged in a practical Eco Friendly box with foam peanuts keeping your themed box of goodies super safe. You'll receive yours filled with approximately 5 products among anything from nail tools to hand selected polishes from some of the best nail brands we all love.

Last months June Box, was themed with the start of summer in mind.
To start there's Nails Inc Gel Effect in Colville Mews which i must say looks great on pale skin tones. Next up is Essie's roarrrrange not so much a colour i pull off finishing with an insanely opaque pinky red shade in Mischief Managed by Tanya Burr.
This particular box had two essentials included also, a Topcoat by Seche Vite as well as an Elegant Touch Professional Cuticle Nipper.
(FYI those bad boys are sharp, so be careful)

All products shown are amazing especially in quality, the nail polishes are opaque in two coats too!

I honestly can't praise Nailbox enough, i was slightly skeptical to begin with having seen rental nail polish services popping up but this is certainly NOT one of them. 
Its undeniably a service worth a try (once pay day arrives of course!)

So for those having a nail polish dilemma these boxes complement themselves immensely. Therefore when your stuck stressing over which colour to pick next. 
Let Nailbox do the choosing so you can sit back relax and wait for the surprise to come to your door.

Would you give Nailbox a go, or have you already tried the service?

#NOTD Pink Thursday?

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Having always been a lover of purple polishes, i tend to steer clear of anything pink however sometimes you need a change so forget pink wednesdays. 

Trying some new polishes by Essence for insane cheap prices well there's no question about it i had to give them a go.

This combo of Essences The Nude Collection in Hope For Love 07, with my accent nail topped in Avon's Pearl Shine Topcoat is perfect for summertime.

These polishes lasted around five days before my nails stared to feel weak I've never really found that happens before so apart from the chipped edges everything looked tiptop with my favourite No7 Topcoat.

What's your fave nail combo this summer?

Last Week I....

Monday, 22 June 2015

I have a slight obsession with purple nail polish its beyond control, i need to stop!

My new favourite song has to be by Years & Years | Shine

Bought a new Collection cream blush trying this out at the mo so far i like it.

I ran out of dry shampoo, thursday morning what a disaster,

I am really finding it hard to save!

I have started to read again buying books and never reading is my downfall so i'm continuing Gone Girl for the 3 third time.

Watched Pretty Little Liars season 6 ep 3, i still have no clue whats happening, who's with me?

Last of all i'm still obsessed with my one true lover...

Five Top Nail Polishes | Summer

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Nail polish will always be my weakness that along with mascara.

From bright primary to pastel shades these have to be my top 5 most worn polishes so far this summer.
My love of Barry M will always be strong however seeing new brands, colours even exciting sounding formulas hitting the market, curiosity caught on quick leaving me with too many nail polishes and not enough storage space so from old to new enjoy my faves!

First up we have Rimmel i bought them on a whim having not tried many, too cool to tango is amazing especially with a tan, but i love this electric blue in Danny Boy to top it off they do leave a super a glossy finish powering though whatever you throw at them (washing up isn't my fave thing to do) however the 60 second drying time well i'm not too sure about that one.  

Whats a polish post without any Barry M paints?
The perfect pastel lilac from Barry M Gelly Paints in Prickly Pear has the most beautiful gel shine finish lasting up to 7 days chip free.
One of the newest additions Barry M Fast Dry, is just as impressive it has fast drying properties as well as opaqueness in 2 coats they are some of the best pastel colours I've used yet. 

I can't wait for these to be used all summer on both my nails and toes but just like anyone out there i'm sure its going to take forever to finish even one of these bottles.
(i'm still trying.)

Although the shades might not be everyone's cup of tea or bang on trend they are what i am gravitating towards.

What brands/shades are you loving this summer?
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