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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sticking with the hauling theme i ordered just a couple bits from elf and thought i'd give them there own post. Now after umming and arring for the past god knows how long deciding whether or not to buy the real techniques brushes (I THINK I SHOULD HAVE! INDECISIVENESS IS TO BLAME) i ordered some elf ones instead, these are my first impression after using them for a around a month or so.....

After buying the one from the £1.50 range a while back i decided to get this one too. On trying this out i can't fault it does do a good job with the application of blush/bronzer (just what you need) and is so worth the £3.75 i payed, also on the plus side it's soooooo soft and so much better the the cheaper brush.

Reading the many reviews on this brush the skeptic inside me wanted to try so i did. Surprisingly i am surprised (i'm easily pleased sort of) but i really really like this brush used in conjunction with my elf powder brush. I wouldn't say it will be long lasting if you use it every single day as the bristles seem to invert into the middle of the brush (but that just might be me and my uncarefulness.....) other than that though it's a must have to try before investing in a more higher priced one i think. I have to say too i definatly perfer this style of brush rather than my no7 or elf flat foundation brushes.

This is my 'buffing brush' which works well to add the finishing touches to my foundation (i can't compare it to anything because, well i don't have anything flat edged like this) it also works well for its original purpose if appliying compact or mineral powder just like any other brush but i have found that you can press product into the skin and buff of the excess a lot easier (a technique i learnt from the gossmakeupartist!) as it's quite dense and structured better than just a regular fly away bristled brush.

This was completely one of those impluse buys but i'm so glad it was! It's so useful in helping to distribute product more evenly in my eyebrows and helps separate my lashes taking away any clumps of mascara. I just wish i'd of bought two one for each purpose because cleaning it is a pain!

Next up a life saving essential there's not much i can say other than they do there job pretty well without leaving any residue on the skin which is what i like best about them making them a reacurring purchase of mine.
This is the most disappointing of the lot it just didn't live up to my exceptions, when i first got it i swatched the product and nothing... nothing was on my finger it just didn't show up but after rubbing it it did eventually show up! The product it's self though has a lovely soft velvet'y texture, it's just not got much pigmentation which i defiantly think you can find in products even cheaper than this one. Although it was a let down the bright side is i'm super pale so it shows up ever so slightly but i don't think i'd repurchase anymore of them.

What's your favourite ELF product and/or your biggest let down?

(: x

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