The Body Shop Camomile Eye Make Up Remover Review

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Removing makeup is my top priority once getting home from a busy day, although i don't always wear a full-face of foundation, oil on my skin is something i certainly need to remove by gently cleansing to get rid of build up from pores.

Now, removing mascara is a whole other ball game don't you just hate it when you have the stubborn black line along the edge of your lash line that just doesn't budge.

Even after trying many lotions & potions there's been small things about them that have irritated the
eye area, left oily residue or not work at all.

I was using before Garnier's 2 in 1 makeup remover for face & eyes, i swore by this as it works a treat with only a tiny bit of product left behind after a few 'rubbing' motions. Couldn't ask for more really.

Then came into my routine The Body Shop Camomile Eye & Lip Remover. Looking at this in the store noticing the price tag of £8.00 i didn't even take a second glace because i certainly wasn't buying yet another liquid to use on my eye's.

This particular product helps remove even tough waterproof make-up and literally leaves no residue on the face whatsoever it pretty much dissolves mascara in an instant with a couple of strokes using just one cotton pad on each eye JUST ONE! 

With Camomile soothing properties suitable for sensitive eyes, this eye make-up remover is now a holy grail. Shake the bottle mixing the product together and your good to go with it removing all traces of make-up in seconds.

Benefit Bella Bamba Blush Review & Swatches

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Seeing Benefit and all its new products hitting the shelves in the past few months for me its about time i needed to get my hands on another full size something they had to offer.

Ive been in love with the Hervana Blush ever since i saw it for the past 2 years now. 
Its still not mine however with the hologram packaging housing a gorgeous rose shimmering shade of pink how could i not resist?

That is of course the Bella Bamba Benefit Blush.

 Having not really seen any reviews particularly about this shade or even looked for some i was a little skeptical & not sure what to expect.

Once trying it...

The shade colour is a muted watermelon pale rose pink with millions of iridescent glistening particles.
This what gives you the '3D pink' due to the mixture of pink shade along with the sparkles.

Just the way it feels is amazing never mind how it looks although i think it needs a mention too.

Its has a super soft texture which seems to melt into the skin looking stunning.

For days when I'm wanting a less done up look i don't gravitate towards this as much purely because the shimmer is intense.
(not always for me.)

One thing i do love about this is its perfect for the summer with the 3D effect it gives it does look beautiful defining your cheeks to a T & after 7 hours of wearing the Bella Bamba Blush there was actually product still on my cheeks at the end of the day when I've come to remove my face crazy right!?

Last of all the scent, not only are benefit products desirable enough it smells surprisingly delicious too.
(think freshly washed conditioned hair with that sweet berry scent you catch when swishing your hair.) 

For the price i paid compared to 'highstreet' bought blushes there is really no competition you DO get what you pay for that is complete amazingness.

Bella Bamba Benefit Blush 8.0g for £23.50

What Benefit Product are you lusting?

Revolution Makeup Bank Hoiday Giveaway

Monday, 5 May 2014

After caving in to the the whole hysteria for the new makeup brand on the block Revolution Makeup London once receiving my package along came another which i know i didn't order i was excited but not excited enough to buy the same things twice.

Turns out my order was accidentally duplicated i could have given it to my Bestie but shes not so crazy into makeup like me, so with all that & just hitting 400 Followers on Bloglovin'. I asked on twitter if it was ok for me to hold a blog giveaway. 

Yes you guessed it, i can so now you have the chance of winning my order thanks too Revolution Makeup.

Check out my haul to see more closely whats up for grabs.

UK only, (sorry to all you international folk)
You get the prize stated below,
All entries welcome 
Usual terms apply.

Let the winning commence!

Blush x2 
Eyeshadow Palette
3x Lipsticks
Baked Highlight
Nail Polish

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Revolution Makeup London Cosmetics Haul

I finally did what i told myself not too, i may have purchased a few sneaky bits from the new brand on the block Revolution Makeup London having seen blog posts flying around stating the brand has dead ringers for high end products not only that, affordable is what they are so forget all this talk.
 Check out my haul.

Of course in my basket had to go the Iconic 3 palette so far so good i guess more on that later though.

I purchased nail polish for £1 they are well, amazing is all i can say another great thing is they actually have names, i don't know about you when products have names it just makes me smile I'm strange i know.

 The only other product I've had time to play around with is the baked highlight in pink lights, the choice was hard picking this shade as there's a few others that i wanted  but wasn't sure about so i went with this one i defiantly made a good choice with this fine shimmering product.

Other things that accidentally jumped in my basket were a bunch of lipsticks two matte in the shades Divine, Nude and a shimmering pink in Mystify.

A neutral nude lilac polish shade in Devil Inside i love this name & a lovely mint green in Cool Days.

Yet another blush in Treat got added to my collection in a gorgeous peachy pink shade which is a colour i can't get enough of at the moment.

The last thing i needed was a blush vivid lacquer in Rush. I'm so glad this doesn't have any shimmer which is a first. Why is it they're always shimmer in everything at least not this though!

As it was the last bank holiday weekend revolution were giving away a free gift worth £5 with orders over £15.

I received the weird but wonderful looking kajal stick, two stunning pigments in Cautious & Levity.

After what i've read and even purchased from Revolution i really am so pleased with everything at a glace i hope I'll love it as much when i use them in my makeup routine.

Head on over 'here' to win part of this in my giveaway!

What are you wanting from Revolution Cosmetics?

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