Ardell Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes Review

Monday, 16 September 2013

With the party season slowing creeping upon us (where the heck has time gone!), or if your a regular weekend party gal / guy, then I'm sure false eyelashes are defiantly always on your checklist to make your peepers look amazing.

So of course i had to share my thoughts on the individual lashes by Ardell which you can purchase here from a website called great for all you false lash addicts out there.

As i was heading to my friends wedding this past weekend gone i thought it would be the perfect time to try out and put my falsies to the test (OOTD coming soon!) here comes the verdict....

The packaging is simple but basic and i like the fact there's image instructions on the back for eyelash novices like myself.

All the lashes are reasonably well made for the £4.49 price tag and the pack includes a variety of sizes ranging from short to long in a flared style which gives a more feathered look.

I didn't find them difficult to apply as i used tweezers to help make the process a lot more easier and just like many other lashes they were flexible enough to maneuver into place as i tried to get a more precise finish by sticking them close to my lash line and not half way up my eyelid.      
These lashes also claim to stay on for weeks but with my little experience in application and cheap Primark glue, i think i was certainly lucky enough for them to last 6-7 hours of wear before my night was over.

 I do think this style of individual lashes are pretty decent as they give a more fuller look without the need of overloading the eyes with too many bits stuck on, this also means you can get away with using less and getting more for your money!

With that i couldn't possibly fault these in any way (however they don't include adhesive which for some maybe a problem), but dare i say i now prefer Individual Ardell Lashes to actual strip one's! 


 They're also super easy to blend/bond using mascara and look perfect for a night out,
what more could you want?

Ardell Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes £4.49 for 56 Individual Combo Lashes

Are you a fan of the falsies?
Or are you still a petrified novice like me especially when it come to putting a sharp pair of tweezers near your eyeballs ha? 
I hope i'm not the only one!

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beccalouise xo

Primark, New Look + Boots Haul

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Were yet again after another spontaneous shopping trip, it doesn't matter how much i try to defend myself i will never be able to stop shopping even though i realllllllyyyyyy need too. (car tax, insurance and MOT ain't gonna pay itself!) I hate being a grown now i actually have bills to pay!

But its not all bad i got offered a new job after i went for an interview last week so of course that meant i needed to update my wardrobe a little before i start as i no longer have to wear a uniform yayyyyyy!

The places i purchased from are Primark, New Look and Boots + i found some poundshop beauty buys enjoy......

Works wonder for my oily skin and makes the best make up base I've tried.

 I've not got round to using this just yet but I'll be sure to share my thought once i do.
I actually picked up this bargain Barbour style New Look Jacket from eBay for just £5 and its in perfect condition!

Next up is a dress i ordered online from the New Look Sale as I'm going to my first 'proper' wedding this weekend and this dress is perfect (the green goes well with my pale skin colouring too)
 £49.99 reduced to £25.00

Some bargainous OPI finds from the poundshop + a Collection Gel Polish from boots cant wait to try it out i got this while on offer for £2.50

This Primark Top was paired with a blazer and green jeans i just looked like a perfect office/casual look,
so i of course bought it for a measly £4.00.
 I just need to find some green jeans that fit now!

You can never go wrong wearing a blazer to smarten things up in the work place and it was £15 reduced to £10 also from Primark.

I actually found my winter coat without even trying, i'm a big fan of this khaki colour and the length is just perfect (covers your decency just enough ha) so i just bought it there and then because knowing my luck they'd all be gone by the time i could get back to the store. Does anyone else have this amazing luck!?
Primark Winter Coat £25.00

I love the pattern on these skinny jeans and they look alright on if i do say so myself, eventhough they are from Primark the jean quality is surprisingly great considering the £11 price tag.

Nearly there.....
There's currently been an offer at boots where to can get two Revlon Products for just £10 each,
I can't remember how much these were separately but i know that i saved £7.99!

You can see in the image below the sparkly nail polish more clearly with the flash on.

 Last of was a top again from Primark for just £3 or £4 but the best thing about is it says American Dream
so fitting considering my dream is to travel around America so i obviously had to buy.

Leave your links to your recent haul posts below I'd love to see what you've been buying recently!

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beccalousie xoxo

Splurge or Spend Designer Buys Vs High Street + Online Fashion

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Not everything in life is plain sailing, well i suppose life itself isn't either, there's always something that goes bump in the night and just when everything's going as good as it gets you spill dinner down your brand new super (way too expensive) white dress, you know the one you JUST bought!! 

Well was it really worth it after all that lusting over now its completely ruined?

By no means do i have loads of spare cash to spend like its going out of fashion on material items, if i did I'm not gonna lie I'd give it my best go and buy every expensive thing i laid my eyes on but (BACK TO REALITY) one day i do plan to buy a gorgeous super duper expensive designer bag (i did say one day) but what if you could get a little bit of  'luxury' without having to take out a loan and max out credit cards just for ONE thing.....

By luxury I'm taking about alternatives of something you can get considerably cheaper than the designer version which always look quite similar.

So as the title suggests are you a spender or splurge'er'rrr (new word right there) whatever your preference this post could help you bag a bargain or just make you want to spend even more money but either way enjoy!

 By no means are any of the item's exactly the same please keep that in mind.

Boohoo Becky Elastic Riding Boot (they have my name ha)

WOOD Carvela Kurt Geiger Boots


Due to Polyvore being stubborn and not finding my other alternative dress from
 I've inserted the image below instead.

Topshop Cowl Neck Dress
Ted Baker Dress

Lovely green dresses I've been liking this colour a lot recently.

 One of the best bargains i found, well i think so anyway, would you spend that much on just one gorgeous dress!?

Think of how many Primark shopping spree's you could have with that amount of money ha!
Julien Macdonald Dress

Yet another polyvore fail but i had to share i love both these coats!
Splurge MAJE Leather-Trim Tweed Coat £479.99

So there you have it a few alternatives to some amazing designer pieces at prices that are everyday affordable, just about, all from the high street and online.

Considering all the designer vs high street copies it's also great to turn a page in my glossy magazine or read an article online about celebrities wearing clothes we can all get our hands on!

It's especially even better when its your favourtie celeb wearing the latest fashion's from the likes of ASOS and Topshop.
(Definite buying enabler right here! Are you the same?)

 Even the Girls of Made in Chelsea are wearing affordable fashion just like Lucy Waston who is wearing clothing from online fashion store

Also Rosie Fortescue Wears Warehouse

Frankie Stamford Wears Boohoo

Demi Lavato Wears TopShop

Millie Mackintosh Wears Zara

It just goes to show you don't have to earn top dollar to look like a star you just have to search the high street and online for clothing that suites your style and looks great for you as well as it being on trend.
(it's a hard life isn't it.)


 Where's your fave online or high street fashion place to shop?

Are you high street or designer?

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beccalouise oxo

House of Fraser Fashion Getaways Competition

Sunday, 1 September 2013

After Receiving an email with info on this amazing competition i just knew i had to enter.
House of Fraser are running a new competition for bloggers to take part in for a chance to win £200 of vouchers to spend at the luxurious store itself! Click here for more Details....

Now onto my outfit i certainly found it so hard to pick just one getaway destination and although there is only one in mind well sort of, i think it could be slightly versatile and stretch to two of the amazing cities.

I would certainly wear this outfit (that's if i could afford it, sadly i can't ) it'd be perfect what with the Autumn/Winter seasons upon us, i think layering with the cardigan would add extra warmth, also if you couldn't already tell i love to clash different prints/colours definitely my cup of tea. I tried as well incorporate a key colour from the ox blood red jeans which i believe is making its come back through the trends of this current season.

Last but not least the accessories i chose make the outfit look a lot more sophisticated bringing it all together, I'm defiantly a big fan of the bag and the shoes.

I think the makeup would look great with slightly tinted dark purple coloured lips with teal green nails whilst the rest of the face such as the eyes would all be kept neutral with just a tiny amount of blush on the cheeks.

So there you have it my City Styled Fashion competition entry if your a big fan of the Devil wears Prada or love riding in yellow taxis and sitting on the famous steps to eat yoghurt with your besties, enjoy because you live in an amazing place! Also there's bonus points up for grabs if you can guess the other city this outfit would be worthy of wearing too!

Where's the furthest you've been in the world?

beccalouise xoxo
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