Nailbox Monthly Subscription Box Review | June Edition

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Seeing the many subscription boxes the beauty world has to offer, receiving a delightful email about a new monthly subscription offering all kinds of nail products delivered right to your door from as little as £13.50 per month.

Yes please was the answer to that.

What's that you may ask? Another manufactured beauty box, filled with the tiniest samples by brands that are crazy expensive to even consider a repurchase or so ridiculous that you have no use for them, so they stay unused in the bottom of your beauty drawer? 

Girl, you've got this so wrong.

Nailbox is a monthly subscription service which is a nail polish addicts best friend. Each month packaged in a practical Eco Friendly box with foam peanuts keeping your themed box of goodies super safe. You'll receive yours filled with approximately 5 products among anything from nail tools to hand selected polishes from some of the best nail brands we all love.

Last months June Box, was themed with the start of summer in mind.
To start there's Nails Inc Gel Effect in Colville Mews which i must say looks great on pale skin tones. Next up is Essie's roarrrrange not so much a colour i pull off finishing with an insanely opaque pinky red shade in Mischief Managed by Tanya Burr.
This particular box had two essentials included also, a Topcoat by Seche Vite as well as an Elegant Touch Professional Cuticle Nipper.
(FYI those bad boys are sharp, so be careful)

All products shown are amazing especially in quality, the nail polishes are opaque in two coats too!

I honestly can't praise Nailbox enough, i was slightly skeptical to begin with having seen rental nail polish services popping up but this is certainly NOT one of them. 
Its undeniably a service worth a try (once pay day arrives of course!)

So for those having a nail polish dilemma these boxes complement themselves immensely. Therefore when your stuck stressing over which colour to pick next. 
Let Nailbox do the choosing so you can sit back relax and wait for the surprise to come to your door.

Would you give Nailbox a go, or have you already tried the service?

#NOTD Pink Thursday?

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Having always been a lover of purple polishes, i tend to steer clear of anything pink however sometimes you need a change so forget pink wednesdays. 

Trying some new polishes by Essence for insane cheap prices well there's no question about it i had to give them a go.

This combo of Essences The Nude Collection in Hope For Love 07, with my accent nail topped in Avon's Pearl Shine Topcoat is perfect for summertime.

These polishes lasted around five days before my nails stared to feel weak I've never really found that happens before so apart from the chipped edges everything looked tiptop with my favourite No7 Topcoat.

What's your fave nail combo this summer?

Last Week I....

Monday, 22 June 2015

I have a slight obsession with purple nail polish its beyond control, i need to stop!

My new favourite song has to be by Years & Years | Shine

Bought a new Collection cream blush trying this out at the mo so far i like it.

I ran out of dry shampoo, thursday morning what a disaster,

I am really finding it hard to save!

I have started to read again buying books and never reading is my downfall so i'm continuing Gone Girl for the 3 third time.

Watched Pretty Little Liars season 6 ep 3, i still have no clue whats happening, who's with me?

Last of all i'm still obsessed with my one true lover...

Five Top Nail Polishes | Summer

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Nail polish will always be my weakness that along with mascara.

From bright primary to pastel shades these have to be my top 5 most worn polishes so far this summer.
My love of Barry M will always be strong however seeing new brands, colours even exciting sounding formulas hitting the market, curiosity caught on quick leaving me with too many nail polishes and not enough storage space so from old to new enjoy my faves!

First up we have Rimmel i bought them on a whim having not tried many, too cool to tango is amazing especially with a tan, but i love this electric blue in Danny Boy to top it off they do leave a super a glossy finish powering though whatever you throw at them (washing up isn't my fave thing to do) however the 60 second drying time well i'm not too sure about that one.  

Whats a polish post without any Barry M paints?
The perfect pastel lilac from Barry M Gelly Paints in Prickly Pear has the most beautiful gel shine finish lasting up to 7 days chip free.
One of the newest additions Barry M Fast Dry, is just as impressive it has fast drying properties as well as opaqueness in 2 coats they are some of the best pastel colours I've used yet. 

I can't wait for these to be used all summer on both my nails and toes but just like anyone out there i'm sure its going to take forever to finish even one of these bottles.
(i'm still trying.)

Although the shades might not be everyone's cup of tea or bang on trend they are what i am gravitating towards.

What brands/shades are you loving this summer?

Everyday Makeup Look | GRWM

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Trying something different isn't always my forte but of course why the hell not right!? 

 I have decided to do just that showing you a little into my my beauty regime via images in my 'Get Ready With Me' everyday routine so from the start to a somewhat improved ending all products used are shown below.

Starting from the base I begin with The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream,
I use the night version throughout the day as I feel it gives my combination/oily skin all the long lasting moisturising attributes a moisturiser can give, withstanding my 10 hour days in all weather conditions.

Foundation is a love to hate product of mine. So when i'm not battling trying so hard to get a flawless face, i just stick to a tiny bit of my trusty concealer pictured is the Rimmel Wake Me Up in Ivory it is a new purchase so watch this space, so far so good.

Finishing off the base i add a slight touch of the Seventeen 17 by Boots Miracle Matte Powder in Porcelain, keeping any shine to a minimum for the duration of the day, as well as setting  my concealer.

The fun part

Daily I tend to just tame my unruly brows by using a brow/lash wand mixed with a little Collection Clear Mascara, works a treat too when sealing once you've applied a few strokes of powder to keep your brow game strong!

I then move onto my mascara which was L'Oreal Superstar 2 in 1 Mascara in Black, still trying to make my mind up about this one. 

Second fave beauty product has to be blush, this one i actually had forgotten about its by Sleek, Trio Blush in Lace although the shades are just as frightening as the Illamasqua duo reviewed here! (also makes a great dupe,) its perfect for summer. Just lightly swirl between the three dab the excess, then apply for a more natural finish.

Last of all this is a product i cannot get enough of at the moment, i always find it brings the whole look together. The ever so popular scented Bourjois Chocolate Bronze & Highlight Duo lightly pressed onto the cheekbones to make you sparkle when the sun beams onto your face.  

What's your everyday makeup essential?

Primark Haul | Summertime

Friday, 12 June 2015

Primark are on point this season everything from shoes, beachwear the in between i love it. Its just a shame my bank balance still doesn't agree.

Without going totally crazy though these pieces instantly caught my eye so of course i couldn't just leave them behind.

This yellow blouse is certainly my take on the pleated midi skirt because i can not pull one of those skirts off at all | £8 

Gorgeous beach cover up wouldn't you agree | £5 

Pointed, Perfect, Party Flats | £6

Casual blue patterned summer shorts | £4 

Floral Flats £4

Everyone deserves a treat and loves a Primark Haul.

Where are you shopping this summer?

Summer Where Are You!? | Wishlist

Monday, 8 June 2015

spring summer picks

If only we had the weather to wear these beaa-uu-tiful pieces, is it too much to ask?
Hopefully it'll start improving soon so we can bust out our new summery pieces and stop with the dreams of exotic beaches, cocktails and ermm hot men weather!?

What's on your wishlist this summer?

Yankee Candle Mango Peach Salsa

Monday, 13 April 2015

I'm a girl who loves fruity, sweet and homey scents they're certainly my go to faves, so when it comes to getting home from a day at the office, relaxing can commence of course with some much needed essentials, Netflix, Hot Chocolate a warm cosy blanket not forgetting a gorgeous scented glowing candle.
Even the name just makes you want to give it a big whiff its one you can't walk away from it for sure has to go right in your basket once you've tried you won't regret it.

As always Yankee Candle offer delightful scents along with generous burning times between 110-150hrs and never disappoint each season releasing some of the best collections.

Now an impressive summer scent Mango Peach Salsa Candle.

Think sun, holidays, beaches and intoxicating juicy peaches & mangos mixed together in a huge bowl with a little ice, garnished by citrus topped by a tiny cocktail umbrella.
Although i'm not the best at describing scent this is one pretty picture i can paint among words.
Its that incredible.

All that's left to say, go out to try it for yourself!

What Yankee Candle scent would you recommend?

Classic IV Professional GHD Styler

Sunday, 12 April 2015

GHDs were all the rage when i was younger (think plaited wet hair to wavy frizz central kinda times) back then you name it every girl maybe boy wanted some either that or their mums already owned a pair.

Fast forward 8 years, after going though a dozen well known high street brands from Babyliss to Remington. I now thought it was time for an upgrade.

So with one of the best beauty tools in the business that has been around for years along with the many upgraded versions on the market I stuck with the original classic pair with regular slim line short plates.

Compared to ones i used to use these work wonders for thick hair from giving me a sleek straightened style holding a curl, for the duration of my night or day.

The curved edge of the barrel helps make the perfect loose or tight curl too.
In an instant they heat up (30 seconds to be more precise) giving a beeping indication when they are ready to beautify your locks, giving a heat temperature of 230 degrees this does scare me a little so of course its common sense but always remember to use a heat defense spray to help prevent more damage than is necessary.

If you are looking for a pair of new straighteners, with the technology high street brands are bringing to the market there will always be that one question which one do i choose?

Taking that chance is something we have to do but in this day and age the possibility are endless so its super exciting to see what brands like GHD will come out with next.

Spring Clothing Haul | 2015

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Having visited York Designer Outlet for the first time this weekend i have to say it was an experience in itself, a pleasant one though.

The shops are incredible selling jaw dropping gorgeous dresses mixed together with a whole shop filled to the brim with lindt chocolate, you certainly can't get better than that.

Its amazing to see how the other half live but the with a budget not so high these are just a few bits i picked up for a treat also to get a head start for spring/summer.

Gap Outlet currently not online 

Next Outlet Clearance

All items i bought had some pretty decent deals attached so if your ever close by i'd definitely pop by to see what you can get your hands on.

Love Tanya vs The Glam Guide Youtuber Beauty & Life Books | Reviewed

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Having watched YouTube beauty vloggers now nearing on 6 years I've come to lose interest a little in the whole fandom of it all. Give me a thrilling drama or romance film any day! Although don't get me wrong YouTube will always be there to help with boredom filling up time, its just not something i completely obsess over anymore.

However when news comes to light that these self made incredible internet sensations make merchandise & products to sell in your high street or in local supermarkets, that's what dreams are made of right? 

 I've bought a few pieces from said various collections nothing of which really stands out, they contain mediocre formulas, neither here or there original contributions, nevertheless it is just the paper wrapped outing with in your face branding that has enticed the likes of me and you to purchase these items.

 Not forgetting the predictable pre-teens who worship anything along with everything there idols do. 
Don't get me wrong if i had the opportunity to produce something of my own to see it on shelf's where i shop, i would defiantly not think twice about it but having so many months, to complete something, well it all seems a little rushed to me, like they say if somethings worth doing, do it well take time and it will reflect in your work.

Honest opinions are not always welcome anyhow lets get back to why your here.
 This is my review comparing the new releases from Tanya Burr | Love Tanya & The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force.   

Both books aim to give tips on all things beauty, fashion as well as life eventualities mixed together with much more.

Judging By Their Covers

Always remember the truth, don't judge purely on appearance, on this occasion though an exception can be made (just this once.) I much prefer Tanya's book, its hard backed meaning page comers won't ruin, its textured, fresh and screams chic beauty which is right up my street. 
On the other hand Fleur's book seems a bit more text book nature'd playing it slightly too safe alongside out of place images.

Love Tanya

Upon my first glace Love Tanya is very much a book in the sense you are inundated with endless block text. 
The font is curved cute and has pink hearts for extra detailing.
 As for images, the sizes of them are inconsistent throughout the whole book layered abundantly, there's pictures which have no relevance to particular chapters but something that certainly has me baffled, why are the majority taken from the likes of blog posts already published even Instagram?

The beauty as well as the fashion aspect of the book is comparable to her videos which would include monthly favorites, and pamper videos, hauls even vlogs it really doesn't offer me anything appealingly different to what you've already viewed, it just means your now £7 out of pocket.

If your looking for a self centered 'not an autobiography' but seems a lot like one kinda book with no remotely new or exciting content then this is the one for you.
It does dive deeper into Tanya's life, personal experiences and much more which takes a lot for someone to tell, or admit, but again unless you want to know every little detail about an online personality only you or me know something about, this book is pointless. Its not going to sell to your average women shopper in her late 20's is it? 
Uninviting are the page borders mixed with elongated explanations on how to do this or that, from a reader of books a lover of beauty, fashion and the wondercoloured bits in between, this book is so not worth it.

Overall Rating | 4/10

The Glam Guide 

With that outta the way a book which deserves so much more recognition than it already has is The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force. From front to back this book fits the description perfectly the text is bearable, short, sweet but most importantly straight to the point.

Looking at expressive chapters its full of informative useful tips which will certainly guide any beauty or fashion lover in the right direction.

It includes easy to follow tips, tricks d-i-y recipes all beautifully presented in a consistent colour scheme, blended with a variety of diagrams or relative illustrations added together with images giving a more personal touch.
This is definitely something that is thorough from the outset giving you informative experiences which doesn't completely revolve around Fleur herself meaning its more relatable to the likes of you, even me.

From everything to life issues, personal touches this book is in my opinion suitable for beginners, beauty lovers also for professionals looking for an easy refreshing read.

The little extras make the biggest difference even top secret tips can help with starting your very own blog.

Its been an great read so far!

Overall Rating | 8.5/10

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