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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

So after seeing a post over on Georgina's lovely blog Makeup Pixi3 about a Secret Santa all beauty bloggers could take part in, I knew it was something I had to be part of. Being a person who love's a good surprise and just being involved in something blogging related seemed like a great idea. 
There was a budget of £15 to spend on your chosen fellow blogger, I was paired with the lovely Lauren who writes over at laurenslittleblog click to see what i sent out to her!
I am so grateful for what i received in my cutely wrapped package of pink tissue paper accompanied with ribbon and a bow, inside was a Christmas card with a handful of goodies all which I've never tried before, definite bonus!

Especially loving the nail polishes, but everything else is amazing to the chocolate was yummy aswell!

Sometimes these type of things even with people you know personally can be disappointing but I guess that's what you sign up for. 
Be assured I wasn't disappointed, can't wait to take part if there's another one next year!

Thank you Lauren!

beccalouise oxo

Sneaky Sale Purchases || Beauty

Monday, 30 December 2013

So after a long painful month of scrimping and surviving on very little money i got paid the day after boxing day, as you can guess i went a little over-board but what the heck i made some great savings if i do say so myself, better yet i put a smile on my face.

This posts contains a few beauty/miscellaneous bits and pieces the next one i post will be mostly clothing so stay tuned and i hope you enjoy my haul + find something you quite like the look of and if you do get yourself shopping before everything goes!

 My first full sized Benefit Blush i love the shimmery watermelon shade amazing!
ASOS | £24.50 to £19.50


Handy travel sized James Brown hair products for colour enhanced hair perfect for use on my recently reapplied ombre'd do.

Boots | £10.00 to £5.00


I bought this purely for the sake of buying it but i like it a lot so its defiantly not going to waste.

Boots | £32.00 to £16.00


An essential Starbucks Mug it was the last one on the shelf so obviously it was meant to be ha.

Boots | £10.00 to £5.00


This bag is amazing the design is just wow, so me. Its comes in smaller sized bag with travel sized products in or there's this one which contains:

Toni&Guy Shampoo + Conditioner for normal hair
Toni&Guy Sea Salt Spray
Toni&Guy Heat Defense Spray
So all in all a perfect little set so try out with a new stylish make up bag!

Boots | £20.00 to £10.00

Last of all the famous Pink Friday Fragrance by Nicki Minaj, got to say minaj did good the scent and the bottle are amazing + love the rollerball extra think other perfume sets should take note, there a lot more pratical that a body lotion or shower gel!

Boots | £24.00 to £11.60

 Leave your links in the comments, of your bargainous haul posts would love to have a nosy!

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What I Got For Christmas 2013

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Yes this is the famous what i got for Christmas post.
I'm very grateful to family and friends for what i received this year considering i didn't want or need anything I got a lovely bunch of gifts. So just because i love to read these kind of blog posts and if you were wondering, this is what i got for Christmas its defiantly not two front teeth there still intact!

I hope all you wonderrcoloured readers had a few fantastic festive filled days,

Happy New Year, 

Lets hope 2014's better than this one,

Leave links to your Christmas/Sales posts would love to see them!

beccalouise ox

NYX The Curve Eyeliner Review

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

After hearing NYX Cosmetics have landed in Next Clothing stores in the UK i have to admit i had to go to my local store and purchase some of the amazing things that have been on my wishlist for sooo long...

But unfortunately my next doesn't even stock them which is probably a good thing for my bank balance but as for myself i wanted to cry, just to clarify i didn't but god i wanted to, so of course with that heartbreak aside i did a bit of online shopping instead!

I did only buy one incredible product but I do assure you i will be back for more.
So just looking at this amazing'ness in the box put a smile on my face, now know its been around for a while now but with a full-time job comes money so yano forget the bills I'm buying everything I've wanted for so long on my wishlist (in moderation may i add).

The NYX Curve Eyeliner comes housed in packaging which is ridiculously big for something so small, it is simple but i guess it does add some class about it rather than just receiving it in a plastic bag (still think it's to much though for something that just ends up in the bin)

Moving on swiftly,
The eyeliner itself is shaped in the letter p, it has a sturdy felt-tip applicator a super jet-black colour and it's super easy to use.

One of the reasons for buying this product was purely for the shape as an eyeliner novice i tend to give in quite easily when using just a regular Kohl pencil or liquid liner because they look absolutely stupid with one eye looking perfect while the next's always a disastrous mess.

What I've found with this particular eyeliner is I'm in full control as the shape makes it easy for my thumb and forefinger to grip and glide over the eyelash line rather than me just hoping for the best applying what should be a thin curved line with other pencil applicators.

As for the formula i was slightly worried i wouldn't get on well in case it ran + smudged really easily, what if it crumbed due to the oiliness of my skin too?......

Well it certainly isn't anything of the sort, it applies perfectly with an intense black shade, lasts all day for up to 7 hours + it even stands the heat on a night out making me look less like the joker and more socially except-able.

All in all if your still getting to grips with any type of eyeliner, you don't like too wet or dry formulas and just want something that actually lasts regardless of your skin-type, as-well as wanting a true black eyeliner colour then i think this is one for you.
 Not just because it's one of the best I've ever tried it will change you from eyeliner appling novice to  an expert professional within seconds. (Well sort of. )

As for the £13-14 price tag it is totally it worth especially if it is something you use most days!

I purchased the NYX Curve Eyeliner here from very.co.uk

NYX The Curve Eyeliner 0.4ml for £14.00

What's your holy grail eyeliner/brand?

beccalouise oxox

w7 Magic Matte Lipstick Review

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Today i have a review on the w7 Magic Matte Lipstick I'm not 100% sure on the colour shade as i can't find it anywhere but you can find a whole selection here on the xtras website.

Onto the lips.....

This particular one comes packaged in a sturdy black square lipstick bullet tube with a clear bottom, which if any of you know does it come off because i don't have a clue and i don't wanna break it just in case!?

Although it is a matte formula the dusty rose pink colour doesn't dry out the lips that is unless you don't prep them. But you can get that with many lip products though so it's not the end of the world but note it's not going to look good on chapped dry lips.

I've found this one to be the perfect creamy texture that lasts 2-3 hours at least, there is a slight scent to it, which is quite pleasant it's not heavy either and you can build up the colour to get the perfect shade if you desire too.

Overall i have found this to be one of the best matte lip products i have tried in a while the creamy texture, none drying properties + the lasting power love it! The price is a bonus as well, i think i definitely need to try out some more from w7 Cosmetics such a budget friendly brand with amazing products!

w7 Magic Matte Lipstick 3.5g - £2.99

What's your best matte lip products you've tried?

beccalouise oxo

Yet Another Christmas Jumper

So with the Christmas season well and truly upon us (where the blumming heck has this year gone!?)
I thought I'd share with you my top 5 Xmas jumper picks just because IT'SSS CHRISTMASSSSSS!!!!!

 I actually have only just bought my very first one crazy i know!

 I feel so excited & i'm deffo in the Christmas spirit this year even though my jumper's not the best one around i love it regardless, but if only I'd of waited a little longer i think one of these would definitely been mine...

 Top 5 Christmas Jumpers
 1. House Of Fraser Mela Loves London - £25
2. New Look Reindeer - £27.99
3. Matalan Pudding - £14
4. River Island - £35
5. River Island - £20

Totally wish i owned both River Island jumpers LOVE them kinda puts my to shame right now,
I feel i should buy them all but somehow i think that maybe slightly ridiculous.... 

I purchased mine from very.co.uk!

Are you feeling all christmassy yet?

beccalouise oxox

M&Co Blogger Competition

Saturday, 7 December 2013


 All Items Featured from M&Co.com

If you haven't already seen M&Co are holding a blogger competiton for the likes of you and i to be in with the chance of winning an amazing prize details here!

So this is my entry, now i know a dress was meant to be styled to make the perfect Christmas look.
Well after having a browse on the website i found myself not being able to choose just one to style because most fitted with the look i was trying to achieve so i switched it up completely and made a whole new outfit with a lovely pair of printed jeans.

But nevertheless the dress featured still works brilliantly with the accessories i paired the trouser blazer combo!

I would certainly wear both outfits as there's so much versatility between them both there's a vampy ora with the red jaquered style jacket and a more elegant look that the dress i feel portrays!

So there you have it my M&Co competition entry i hope it still counts!

beccalouise ox

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