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Thursday, 27 June 2013

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I hope you stay tuned for all my upcoming posts and thanks if you've took the time to read my blog i really appreciate it!

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Glamour Magazine Freebie

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Heading home from a weekend in London meant I needed some reading material for the train journey ahead, So i couldn't walk past this offering without purchasing so i did just that.

They have to offer various Model Co goodies in the July 2013 Issue of Glamour ranging from eyes to lips, so of course me being the mascara junkie that I am obviously picked up the mascara which is worth £16!

I can't really say much about it just yet other that it has the perfect bristle brush (not the plastic kind) and a handy mirror on the side of the tube (Bonus) so I'm excited to try it out as Ive not heard of anything from this brand before.

But with a quick Google...

ModelCo is an iconic Australian beauty brand renowned for innovation in tanning and cosmetics.
Based in Sydney, ModelCo is the creation of former model agent, Shelley Barrett.

They do have some great exciting products that i did see while having a browse on their website but it is a tiny bit expensive for my bank balance but i wouldn't mind investing if it works, but until now I'll be happy with my magazine freebie.

Did you pick up this months Glamour?

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Stay Tuned....

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hellllooooo everybody this isn't a type of post I've done before but just to keep you in the loop I'm heading to LONDON tomorrow for a long weekend away (super excited!!!!) so there won't be no usual Sunday posts (hope you don't mind!) But i will for sure be returning refreshed from having loads of fun, with new posts and maybe just maybe a rather large haul after spending too much of my hard earned cash!

So for now enjoy and have a looooovelyyyyyy weekend! ((:

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My green eyed monster his name is Sid (:

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Nip+Fab Shine Fix Review.....Summer Essential

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Upon finding this product my face especially in the summer always looks like it has inches of oil seeping out of my pores.
 Now on a super hot busy day in summer this as much as i hate to admit is certainly what my face looks and feels like. (NOT a pretty sight i know.)

So as my skin is an oily disaster I'm always on the look out for new products to help combat my shine and not make me look like i can cook an egg on my face (or a Full English Breakfast in fact).

Usually i will use my Healthy Mix Bourjois foundation (life saving when it comes to reducing shine!)
But having a full face of makeup isn't something i always want to have particularly in warm weather so this is where the Nip + Fab Shine Fix Mattifying Gel becomes an essential product for myself.

Instead of the dreaded powder fix up making you look a lot worse than you actually did this product can change all that in an instant.

A light gel that removes + absorbs excess oil flow to control t-zone shine.
Shine Fix contains:
microsponges mattify + absorb excess surface oil
seboclear® purifies + deep cleans pores
nettle tones + balances skin

The product itself is a white coloured thin light and creamy gel that evaporates instantly once rubbed into the face where you have excess oil, it does for me take a few minutes for the full matte effect to show but its a perfect handy product to pop into your bag and use on the go as the packaging is lightweight as it is housed in a  white small tube.

Ive not tried it over make up because I'm sure it wouldn't be a pretty sight but you could also use it as part of your skin prepping stage and wear it under makeup to make it last that little bit longer.
I know this works a treat so for sunny makeup free days this could certainly be your oily skin savior (i no its one of mine). 

It's currently half price on the Nip+Fab website + you can get free standard UK delivery (well worth it if you ask me!)

Nip+Fab Shine Fix 15ml for £9.95

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ASOS Primark Picks

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

asos primark picks

Upon hearing the news last week I didn't actually believe Primark would EVER end up online but I guess I was very wrong as ASOS have started to stock multiple Primark items!
 Some may say it's kinda ridiculous giving the quality of clothing varies with every item and I have to agree but for all those international fashionistas looking for a bargain without having to fork out £100's for plane tickets. Well I suppose something good can come out of it, and for the likes of me and you least we can have a noisy at what's new before heading to the shops but I don't think I'm ready to give up my monthly Primark shops just for the comfort of my own couch just yet.

How About You?

1. Primark Lace Insert Denim Shirt Dress - £16.00 (love love love would be great for BBQ' or summer parties)

2. Primark Stripe Dungaree - £14.00

3. Primark Star Print Skinny Joggers - £9.00 (great for travelling)

What are your Top Primark picks?

beccalouise oxox

Collective Haul....Yes I Did More Shopping oops?

Monday, 10 June 2013

Now i don't know about you but I'm certainly one of those people that go into meltdown when the sun decides to make an appearance because big furry coats, jeans and UGG boots just aren't acceptable anymore but neither is nothing i own in my wardrobe.

So here we are yet again after a spending ban fail (it was over before it even started) with some summer essential buys, pennies were spent to help update my wardrobe and make me enjoy the summer months that i despise so much. 
(fair skin and ginger hair + oily skin + the summer sun = an angry Becca!)


Two bargainous Primark maxis for £10 each!

                                                                              New Look sale play suit with cut out detail in the back.

 La Redoute Coral Jeans for just £11!

 A lovely crochet detail top from New Look.

 Pale Orange Peplum Top all for just £3.00 from New Look!

New Look Top from the KellyBrook Range this was originally £22.99 but i only paid £8.00 which is more like it.

 These shorts are perfect for summer from Primark but i also use them as PJs, plus the print is so me and all for a price of £4.00 you cant go wrong.

To me these are Jeggings not jeans they're the super thin type and so not worth the £20 that they sell for in New Look but in the half price sale i snatched them up because for that price i could get the same in Primark i couldn't pass on that offer! 

New Look floral dress perfect for warm weather.

These were defiantly a real bargain buy from Primark considering i only paid £6.00 for them and was going to pay up-to 20.00 for just plain brown sandals from New Look.

Last of all its not a complete shopping trip if you don't head to Boots or Superdrug and after browsing for a while i picked up some new polishes, i love these polka dot polishes from Maybelline. I also picked up an MUA Polish + mascara and a cheese grater for my feet (not sure of the technical term for one of those ha) to prepare them for there first outing of the year!


Just an Empty Bottle.... Empties #1

Monday, 3 June 2013

I'm quite the fan of reading empties posts it's always great to have a noisy into someone else's beauty regime and see what products they use monthly and so these are the some of the bits and bobs i've used throughout the month of may.

I use the Simple Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser as an extra in my face routine after washing my face in the morning and at night. I can't say that I've noticed a dramatic difference in size of my pores but they do seem ever so slightly smaller as well as looking tighter. My face feels super refreshed after using this product so for me its worth a repurchase.

I love love love the Heel Genius Foot Cream it smells so good, full of citrus'y goodness plus the blue colour  makes it all the more worth using, smoother onto your feet pop on a pair of gel cotton socks and your feet will be beautified in no time.

Next up is a little pot of goodness although they've certainly changed over time, essential is what they are.
The Body Shop Born Lippy Strawberry Balms great for handbags but I also use them as a night time lip treatment works a treat if want super moisturised lips for your day ahead.

Batiste the best life saver for when your in need of a sprouse up or wake up way too late to do anything to your tresses, I'm sure you'll all agree! (psst I go through these way to quickly)

Impulse and Charlie body spray, these sprays seem to last forever seriously, they're great to refresh throughout the day, as well as that you can reminisce over the scents that bring back the memories from school especially when it was a Games lesson and you'd walk out of the changing rooms choking on Charlie pink ha.

Two empties of another repeat repurchase of mine is the Garnier 2 in 1 Make Up Remover (its also an all over face make up remover too) this works a treat, something I will use over and over again its's that good it doesn't sting the eyes and there's no greasy residue left on the skin after use what more can I ask for?

Last of all Boots Own Branded Nail Polish Remover Pads these are a thin super soaked super effect way of getting rid of polish yes the dippy sponges that have made an appearance in the last year are somewhat better than this product but they are great for travelling and work just as good as cotton wool and acetone, plus the smells surprisingly great too.

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