eBay Packaging Ideas

Monday, 25 March 2013

First of all let me say where has e-Bay been all my life last month I was a novice now I'm an addict!
It's great how you can make money from things you don't want any more and lose everything you bid on at the last second but moving on from that.
 The real reason I'm here is to tell you how I package items I've sold because upon putting things on-line I had no idea what to use if I actually sold things but with a quick trip to town and asking family friends for advice this is what I use:

I purchased the items above from the Poundshop + Wilkinsons (remember to buy envelopes in all different sizes) they were very inexpensive also packaging from things you buy on-line KEEP THEM they're very handy.
Another idea you could use is buy cheap black bin bags, cello-tape them within an inch of their life which is an even cheaper option too, Or use brown paper pictured above but make sure it's durable and not to thin.

Also I find the eBay app on the Ipad soooo much easier to use than the actually website it's just so confusing, but even if you don't have an Ipad you can get it on a android smartphone which is just as good.

So there you have it just a few ideas I have, last of all pick up a postage leaflet above from the post office so your able to make accurate calculations for packaging! 

Hope this helps (:

beccalousie oxo

Barginous £1 Candle

Browsing around the Poundshop isn't something I tend to do a lot of so when I did, the discovery I made is amazing forget Yankee Candle and there super high prices, it's all about the Skittles candle at £1!

It has 25 hours burning time despite how small it is but I'd say it lasts upto 20 hours as this is actually a repurchase I love them that much! The smell is to die for the best way to describe this is, jelly cubes before the actual jelly amazing right!?  They have many other scents too which i may just have to try!

What's an amazing bargain you've found recently?      

beccalousie oxo  

The Beauty Closet Haul

Sunday, 24 March 2013

I recently bought some bits and bobs from The Beauty Closet which is run by Brogan whose also a 
Blogger / YouTuber - Brogantatexo,
It's amazing how you can make something from nothing isn't it, I just find so inspiring. 
The delivery was super super fast with all my items coming wrapped individually in pink tissue paper (its the little touches that makes a big difference) now onto the bits I got.

I'm super happy with everything I got especially the bunny night lights I purchased two as I'm giving away one as a gift for a baby shower I thought it would be something a little different, the blue scarf is really big however the butterfly one not so much but it'll come in handy for summer with it's thin style material.
The other bits are really cute and I bought the keyring as an inventive to use if I pass my driving test next month for my future car keys (I'm weird I know).

Here's the link to check the website out they have some cute little bits like this elephant necklace and Cath Kidson style make-up bags.. 
beccalouise xox

Recent Purchases...

You know when your just having one of them days which consist of feeling sorry for yourself, eating loads of crap + spending money when you can't really afford to and saving should be your number 1 priority? Well these few bits are the end result of that day.

Luminous green top with lace detailing is from Primark £4,
The Amazing American tank top is also from Primark for another barginous £4,
If you didn't all ready know you can currently get 25% off at New Look with an email but you can also get the offer from their Facebook page!
The dress was £12.99 + £4 for the socks below and it all came to £12 pound something (not bad even if I do say myself!)

How cute are those Dinosaurs, Giraffes and monkeys I'm a sucker for random printed socks!

This Hair Removal Cream does exactly what is says and gives you the smoothest legs ever its currently on offer at boots with a 1/3 off.

 I've used this toothpaste ever since it was released, amazing is all I can say. Of course it doest give me  Hollywood pearly whites but it defiantly works! these are on offer at boots too at 2 for £5.

I love a good read, so as I'm waiting for the rest of the books in the pretty little liars series to arrive or be released I discovered the The Lying Game series its just as good a little bit same'y slightly dragged on but still a book you can read without too much thought.

I haven't seen this film for quite some time so as I recently stepped into the world of eBay, for £2.50 it would be rude not too.


Last of all a product which I'm yet to try the Primark
£1 mascara I wont get my hopes up but watch this space for a follow up!

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Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Mascara 'Review'

I got this in the Soap &Glory Best Of All Gift for Christmas and I was so excited to try some S&G make-up products, and as a mascara fiend this was perfect.

 This is my kind of Mascara I love the wand, the intensity of the black and the fact that one coat can make the biggest difference, I've found it grabs all the lashes and coats them instantly, it lengthens, multiples and stays for most of the day which is all you can ask for from a 'high street' mascara.
The only downside to it though is at first I found the brush to be rather humongous for my eyes but by not giving up it works brilliantly now. The brush however gets a big thumbs up overall though as it's a brush brush not one of those plastic ones that scratch your eyes plus I find them difficult to use.

This retails for around £8 pound which it reasonable but they recently released a new collagen mascara in gold packaging which I will defiantly be picking up and trying as it sounds just as good as this one is.

What Soap & Glory make up product would you recommend?

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beccalouise xox

Nearly 25 Facts About Me..

Monday, 18 March 2013

  1. I've watched 'YouTuber'y' videos for nearly 4 years now.
  2. One day I will make my own YouTube video (one day ha).
  3. 5p's make me cringe along with 2p's + 1p's.
  4. I'm not a fan of doing things by deadlines I like to take my time but i stick to them anyway so i dont get into trouble.
  5. I never used to wear mascara on my bottom lashes.
  6. For 5 years I straightened and washed my hair everyday for school (surprisingly I don't really like straight hair anymore.) 
  7. I've recently become addicted to Ebay.
  8. I love the app Parking Mania HD on the ipad I wish they would hurry up with the second edition! 
  9. Night Out vs Night In = Night In 
  10. Reading before bed helps me sleep at night.
  11. I'm going to LONDON for the first time in June!! Excited! 
  12. Hot Chocolate is the only hot drink I like (unless I make coffee just to dip rich tea biscuits into :) 
  13. Being indecisive means I'm a nightmare to go shopping with.
  14. Purple is my faveourite colour.
  15. I recently passed my theroy test
  16. I have my driving test booked too (whether I passed that first time we will just have to see 'finger crossed')
  17. I work part-time.
  18. I will visit New York someday or travel around America.
  19. I own many things with the America flag on #obessed.
  20. Confidence isn't something I have a lot of. 
  21. Pretty Little Lairs is the best TV show ever! 
  22. + so many others
  23. When I was younger I thought the birth mark on my arm was stained weetabix. 
  24. Harry Styles and One Direction HELLO! 
  25. Procrastination is my worst enemy. 

beccalouise xox

Heatless Waves...

After so many times envying people with amazing wavy/curly hair and never being able to succeed, I'd thought I'd share how I achieve the wavy look without the use of heat.

Many years on and still failing miserably not being able to 'French Braid' my hair with the help of YouTube tutorials I can finally do it!


I have quite long hair (it's the longest it's ever been) so I defiantly think it helps a lot to keep the plait together without your hair failing out everywhere, but I'm sure hair of all different lengths could achieve a heatless wavy look with just regular plaits or with a messy loose French Braid.

The tutorial above helped give me a step by step guide to actually get a messy wavy look just from a French braid, not only that though I used a few products to make sure the waves would last for the day.

VO5 Tousled Me Spray is great to keep hair structured if you want to achieve that messy wave look using this helps keep and prolong the wear of the hair style. I also use a tiny amount of moose just for added volume and to finish hairspray will be your best friend!

Do you prefer heat or no heat hairstyles?

beccalouise oxo

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