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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Calling out to all you keen shoppers you know who you are. 
Everyone out there is tightening their purse strings due to the economic climate and treating yourselves is probably becoming quite non existent? Well keep reading to see if anything can be done about it.

So online shopping by the time you've got your chosen items and clicked checkout after hours of browsing and virtual money spending there's always the BOX asking have you got a promotional code? 
The answer is probably not, in my case especially so i will then do a quick search in Google trying to find just one code but to no avail i buy my items and no savings will have been made.
 How sad :(, but wait a minute i'm here entering a great competition FashionVouchers.Com are running for someone like you and i to win a whoppingly generous £300 pounds! (Check out the link for rules etc.)

So enjoy the wondercoloured fashion friendly saving websites below! 

The money saving expert website is self explanatory really, it helps you save money on anything and everything making it an essential site for everyday use. They have worth while deals on fashion sites but also for high street stores too which enables you to save even if you can't shop online! You save by using the codes they provide and the printable vouchers. This is a favourite of mine i can literally spend hours browsing on there every week! A great thing about it too is there's no necessary sign up clause which is always a bonus so go check it out!

This is a time saver not so much a money saving website but basically it's the middle man between individual online retailers as you can browse 52 stores in a click of a mouse. Eg: I have searched for Biker Jackets as you can see in the image, the end results are instant which is pretty impressive making it very efficient you can also specify your needs by changing the price range and colours etc. But does going to individual sites really bother you?  

                                                                      3.Ebay Ebay Ebay  
Ebay is the one stop shop to put a smile on anybodys face whatever mood your in with the bargins you can pick up, but this makes for a very unhealthy bank balance (or is that just me ha).
Ebay's just a multipurpose website where you can find pretty much everything in dupes like designer bags, shoes, dresses i could go on and on but just a word of warning, always be careful if it looks to good to true it probably is! The fashion outlet is worth checking out too although items can still be sightly pricey.  
This is a new discovery, how have i not found this before! It's a website full of useful promotional codes for various savings on sites like New Look, Boots, Debenhams, Urban Outfitters and many more. Very essential for all you fashion savvy people. Also there's no need to sign up to anything to get the actual codes, it's only if you want the weekly newsletter!

Again this is a new discovery (where have these websites been hiding?) It has the same concept of many other websites where you get a code for a particular online store which then enables you to get a great discount and save a few pounds on the items you are buying. It has useful codes to use but there not necessarily at store's i would buy from but its still worth checking out. 
This website is basically full of private sales of designer clothing, bags, shoes etc, all from well made brands which have some amazing savings if that's what your interested in. But the private sales require you signing up to the site which isn't a big deal if your not overly bothered but it says on the site there's a new outlet which requires no sign up to view so it's worth a look at the lovely items on sale.

                                                                 A few Extras...
Shop around there's deals to be had anywhere! 

Subscribe to websites directly to get up to date information on deals!

Think, is what your buying an essential? (of course everything you buy is?)

Be the first in line for end of season sales both in store or online!

Shop in Charity Shops and local discount stores!

Try to make the clothing items you buy multi-purpose,

Everything5Pounds- Womens Fashion Everything's £5 pounds!
PriceRunner-Price Compare website for pretty much anything
Uni Days!-For people in Uni!
DaybreakDeals- Another Voucher and code find! (another addition to the site Link!)
DiscountcCoder.Com- Two UK based women bloggers telling you about how to get the best out of your money on everything!
Vouchercloud and Groupon-Discount saving websites.

Hope you enjoyed! 

What are your money saving tips?!

(: x

Candles and more

Sunday, 29 July 2012

So i guess nearly everyone out there loves a lovely scented candle and i am defiantly part of that nearly everyone. So this post it just about what i keep my Yankee Candle samplers in, i have one of the small sized tumbler 198g's glass candles in the scent mango peach salsa which smells amazing full of fruity goodness. But at around £9.95  for just a candle it isn't something i want to spend my money on all the time.

So i decided to buy the samplers although they are slightly small there ideal if you want a burst of fragrance in 
the morning while you get ready, on a night too when your getting ready to go out or even just before you go to bed,this is what i use them for.i think the burn time on them is up to 4 hours i might be wrong but they do last a long time if i use them occasionally.

Onto what i burn them in, after buying a few of the samplers and just having them laying around my room doing nothing i decided to go and enqire on good old YouTube and my search was successful with many ideas of what to put them in. But i didn't want to spend a couple of pounds on actual tumbler drinking glasses so, on one of my very many trips to Primark looking in the home section i stumbled upon the purple glass candle holders there not perfect quality and have lumps and bumps on them but turned to a good side on your designated area, no-one will suspect a thing unless they pick them up.......

But the price tag is what got me, they were 50p EACH reduced from £1.50!!

What a bargain don't you think?

So 6 purple glasses house my candle's there a perfect fit but the only downside too them is just like all candles they burn straight down and this can leave the outer side of the candle unburned so once i blow out the flame i cut down the outer unburned candle so it falls into the hardening liquid wax and the candles then level making them ready to burn again when i come to use them.
 I also carefully peel the sticky label off and place it onto the front of the glass so i know what scent i'm burning be careful when doing this as it can easily lose it's stickyness or rip.

Do you have any tips or tricks for use with candles? 

(: x  

Collective Haul

Thursday, 26 July 2012

I really should be saving money, what for i'm not so sure but i guess i didn't and so i have another haul oopsies.
The New Look sale was just so tempting and that's where the majority of the things i bought came from but i also went to a few other places too.

(boots and superdrug)
Once again Natural Collection at boots had there never ending 3 for £5 pound deal on so i decided to pick up the Blushed Cheeks blusher in Sweet Cheeks it's a matte rose'y pink shade its basic but great for the price at £1.99.

The Mascara i got is one of the Water Guard ones in Black/Brown I've not tried this by itself yet so i'm not sure if it's actually waterproof but for £1.99 you can't go wrong.

The last thing is a nail polish in Lunar Haze (love the name) it's a pearly lilac colour which needs too many coats for it to be opaque but as its the only one I've tried for the £1.98 price i'd happily try some more.

Life saving Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical 400ml £2.39, impulse in very very pink and guess what it was a total impulse buy haha (i'm so hilarious, NOT!), Boots Botanic's All Bright Eye Make Up Remover 1/3 off £2.66 (Originally £3.99).
Boots Botanic's Mattifying Gel Cream Shine Away 1/3 off £3.33 ('' £4.99)
They'll be a 'my thoughts/review' on the botanic's soon.
Cheap Conditioner £1, Essential Baby wipes you can never have enough two for one pound something, Collection 2000 Pump Up The Volume Mascara in black £3.99 on offer, this mascara has quite a wet formula and a curved wand i'm just hoping it dries out a little before i can use it properly.

(All from New Look)
After searching for what seems like forever for a perfect pair of 'SKINNY JEANS' i found the above one's from new look for £19.99 minus a few pounds with student discount all is well and there good quality blaaa but there just not so super skinny like they used to be so the search continues unfortunately :(.
Socks with cupcakes, animal print for a pound each why not? The two tops are the same style in different colours £4.00 each basic but essential.

(All from New Look)
The Biker style jacket above is probably one of my favorite things to wear right now it's great for the weird weather were having as it's a thin cotton material and lightweight so doesn't take up to much room in my bag. It was originally £29.99 never would i have payed that much but in the sale i got it for £15.00 which is reasonable but it makes me happy so i'm ok with it.

The next two i have longed for for some time now coloured jeans there both quite luminous (way out of my comfort zone) but there's a first everything right! (even if there not really the in thing anymore ha).
The green ones are cropped which came with a belt that i can't even fasten for £12.00 in the sale...... moving on the ones that make me smile were a slight bargain at £10.00 reduced from £22.99! 

(Top:Dorothy Perkins, Bottom: New Look)
The top two tops are from Dorothy Perkins i was going a little animal crazy if you can't tell but the Zebra top was just shouting out at me and i couldn't resist and with 15% student discount it somehow found it's way in my shopping bag coming home with me. It was originally £16.00 i got it for £13.60. The Toucan T-shirt (Yes i had to Google what it was shame on me!) was in the sale and again why i bought this i don't really know it's quite a sheer material which is strange but it was in the sale and i got it for £6.95.

The last very two tops are from New Look in the Sale the first a bird printed shirt for £8.00,
the other a mint green sheer chiffon blouse again i have longed for one of these ever since i saw one in primark and i got it for £7.00.

Hoped you enjoyed this post (:

What's your favorite find from sale shopping?

John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray 'My Thoughts'

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

After um'ming and ar'ring for sometime about whether to dye my ginger hair a light shade of blonde i put it off and off ,until i discovered the John Frieda Lightening Spray through the blogging world.

It states you can use it to lighten the hair allover, for do-it- yourself highlights and root blending, all this for £6.99 don't mind if i do.  

It doesn't dye your hair as such but it definitely lightens, so from the day i purchased this product i had my fingers crossed it would work, but i made a slight error by using a WHOLE bottle within a week to 10 days which on my part was just a tiny bit stupid. Around this time missbudgetbeauty had done a review and told of her dealings with the product link! After reading this post it really put it into perspective what i was actually putting onto my hair and i obviously after buying two more bottles reduced the amount of times i use this. But the crazy thing was although from a bit of dryness/brittleness nothing major happened and it was nothing a bit of the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends 5 Minutes Hair Mask couldn't sort out.

Also with this spray i found it can leave a feel of product build up at the roots if i have over sprayed but aside from that i use this every now and again after i have washed my hair when i feel i need it, it does what it says and i guess you don't necessarily have to have blonde hair to make it go slightly lighter, the results are quite  instant too, other than that there's not much fault i can give this product so it's worth a try. 

As you can see from the picture above my hair has turned a light shade of blonde it's not completely blonde but the change is visible, as a comparison to my natural hair colour i used an effect in the bottom left photo as i couldn't find a clear one.

Have you had any disastrous encounter with this product?
Would you try it giving the many other mixed reviews it has?


No7 Eyelash Curler My Thoughts

Sunday, 15 July 2012

So this is going to be a 'my thoughts' kinda post on No7's Lift & Curve Eyelash Curler.

Before the alluring £5 off No7 voucher ran out and being fully stocked up on the Stay Perfect Top Coat i decided it was time to try something new and the eyelash curler was the chosen one (after about an hour of browsing due to my indecisiveness).

These aren't the first time i have used curlers as i have the ELF £1.50 one's which for the price do the job but the No7's are by far the better of the two, they retail for £7.25 but with the voucher i spent a measly £2.25! 
They curl the lashes within seconds and you can defiantly feel them working as there very sturdy as well as thin framed so they get very near the root of the lash and lift and curl exactly what you need and want from a curler ha.

Included with these are two spare lash cushion pads too which is a bonus because where can you actually buy
the spares separately? 

Overall i think they are worth the whole £7.25 as they are such a basic but essential tool and why spend ridiculous amounts on something you can get for less.

Sorry for such shabby photos having super light lashes doesn't help and nether does trying to juggle an ipad and trying to find my eye to take the picture but after many failed attempts i found it haha.
I hope you can see the effect/improvement.

What do you spend your voucher's on?
Do you like eyelash curlers?


£100 ASOS Challenge

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

This is my entry to a competition Discount Coder  are holding for reaching over 1000 followers on twitter which is pretty cool. 
All you have to do is make sure a whole outfit comes in at £100 or less good luck!

So in my head this outfit looks worthy of wearing but like i said that's only in my head ha, hope you like it. (:

TOTAL SPEND:£99.69Asos

An Itsy Bitsy Haul

Saturday, 7 July 2012

So i purchased a few bits and bobs from various places recently, i only needed one essential A NEW BAG and i found one i actually liked but just like always my indecisiveness got the better of me and i got a bit more than just a bag...

 So as someone who loves to walk past The Body Shop door way and smell the loveliness coming out the door i'm steered away by the prices but as the mid season sales are nearing an end and offers on emails enticing me in i just had to get a little bit of something. So i did just that.
Wild Cherry Shower Gel-for a pound! why not.

Raspberry Ripple Bath Shower Gel-£2.00 smells just like jelly crystals/jelly cubes before the wobbly jelly heaven! 

Lip Balm in Strawberry-£ 1.20 defiantly not what they used to be like but i could still smell that pot all day long.

 Double Ended Blackhead Remover-£ 1.80 gross i know but you gotta do what you gotta do (still need to try it out).

Green Apple Bath/Shower Gel- £2.00 would you believe, it smells just like apples!

Earth Lovers Lemon & Thyme Shower Gel- FREE its quite watery considering its a shower gel but never the less it was free and smells fresh and leafy so i can't really complain.

The very last thing and the best shower gel of all time a massive bottle of the Strawberry Shower Gel for only £ 6.00! 

Max C London Floral Purse - Beige  £16.00 (oringially £32.00)   
This was my first ever purchase from ASOS and the service was good with the delivery being pretty average considering i was a cheapo and choose the Style Saver option. Anyhoo i also ordered a bag too but it just wasn't all that was expected, but onto the purse it was in the sale and in this case looks are very deceiving  as its rather large. I only need to use one side but whatever at least there's somewhere to keep all the useless receipts and what not ha. It's also great to double up as a clutch so i guess that makes up for the price.

Onto some clothing the top top was purchased from Internationale for £9.98 with Student Discount  (£10.99 originally) the materials quite sheer but with a bandeau or vest top underneath its not a problem and the exposed zip actually works for a change its not pretend! 

The bottom left top is also from Internationale this one was in the sale for £6.00 its slightly over sized which i like with parts being a tiny bit see through.

And the last one's from New Look from a brand called cameo rocks again with student discount i got it for £8.99 (originally £9.99) its a great fit cause it hides humongous wide hips!

Nearing the end the BAG i am in love with it's everything i need and want in a bag i got it from forever 21 online along with the pastel coloured floral earrings. £29.75 for the bag and £2.40 for the earrings, my 'photography' doesn't do it justice so here's the link to go check it out. 

The last two things are from primark a barginous t-shirt for £3.00 not a great fit but it'll do the print makes up for it.
Last of all are a pair of laced/crochet styled white pumps for £6.00 all i need now is some sunny weather to wear them in as its a typical english summer filled with rain!

I hoped you enjoyed this post until next time thanks for reading!.....

Just a little intro...

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Hi interweb space i feel slightly strange talking to myself right now but that's okay i know i'm not the only one to do this ha. 
So i've wanted to write a blog for sometime after reading them for a few years so i am finally taking the plunge and starting my very own blog! It's going to contain all things weird and wondercoloured and mainly beauty related i guess, so thank you for taking your time to read this and i hope you enjoy whatever follows! 

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