Summer Seperates | Co-Ord Fashion Edit

Sunday, 29 June 2014

co-ords Having been enjoying the 90's style fashions on offer this summer a trend that i've been loving has to be separates of all kinds. They honestly make finding an outfit for any occasion so much easier.
Some patterns are super crazy others quite muted so all are well suited to everyone's taste whatever that maybe. 
Dressing down couldn't get any more effortless with just the top or bottoms for an even more casual ensemble so these are a few top picks that you'll need to co-ordinate in your wardrobe this summer.  
Tropical New Look Top & Scuba Shorts | £12.99 & £14.99
New Look Floral Co-Ord | £9.99 & £14.99

What season trend are you loving this summer?

Handmade Fathers Day | Last Minute Buys

Thursday, 12 June 2014

It's bad i know, I'm usually so prepared when it comes to getting gifts for any occasions but with fathers day approaching this Sunday i've only just decided to buy a card.

I wouldn't of  got that if it wasn't for seeing Fleur's gift guide here!

So a nosy online at resulted in buying just a card which suits my situation down to a tea.
 It is lovely if i do say so myself and certainly makes a change from all the generic ones that you see in card factory every single year.

The card itself is handmade by Heidi Nicole 
who makes some cute dainty bits & bobs check her out!

I was expecting the card to be a little bigger than it actually is but nonetheless i still love it, delivery was reasonably quick too.

If your still in a dilemma head on over there to check out all the unique pieces they have before its too late for them to arrive! 

Are you gift ready for Fathers Day?

Clarins Sale Preview | Makeup & Skincare

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Clarins, Clarins Sale Preview  
It's just around the corner....

I honestly can't wait for this to arrive having just purchased my first two Clarins makeup product (blog post coming soon.) I literally am so excited to see what bargains can be made in this amazinggggg sale everyone and their dog is talking about.

Don't miss out it's your last chance to preview the sale today here all you need to do then is wait for the magic to come to you well kind of, or you can just wait for an email.

Illamasqua Powder Blusher Duo Review | Lover & Hussy

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Boy am i glad to finally get some illamasqua goodness in my life.

I picked up the duo in lover & hussy which has two gorgeous matte pink and orange shades perfect colours for the summer.

The shiny black embossed packaging is rather large not something i was actually expecting. Bulkiness out of the way i can overcome that it's certainly whats inside that counts the large sized mirror is handy too.

With it being not 95% travel friendly it's surely something to have as a luxury for everyday use.

Product wise its unsurprisingly incredible the blush lasts up to 7 hours on my oily skin, giving intense colour throughout the day fading to a lovely flushed look towards the evening. 

They have a super soft texture with absolutely no shimmer which gets a big thumbs up from me. 
Also i've found the product/pan to have a slight powdery plastic'y scent which is nothing off putting though I'd expect it to have completely none.

As the duo contains two shades they look brilliant on there own even mixed together into a coral colouring.

A little goes a long way as the pigmentation is so intense with that in mind the £26 price tag some what justify's it all. (i did say some what.)

What's on your high-end wishlist?

Summer Fashion Haul | June 2014

Monday, 9 June 2014

Summer cami's essentials for all looks from Dorothy Perkins, New look &

I was so disappointed with Primark i only came away with two things, lovely tops though. 



Summer skirts from New Look & all i need now is some gorgeous warm weather.


Dorothy Perkins summer dresses are what you need in your wardrobe this season.

Bohemian style new look maxi


 These clothing pieces were purely bought accidentally... of course.
I've come to accept i fail at saving so instead of going cold turkey altogether on the shopping front, budgeting is the way forward.

Whats your essential piece this summer?

Revoloution Pink Lights Highlight Review

 I really don't know how i've survived without any highlight in my life before this product.

The closest i've ever come to 'highlighting' my face has been with an old blush with way to much shimmer not a lot of colour. 
So when placing an order on Makeup Revolution. I couldn't resist after never been able to get my hands on the MUA Undress one.

There's a small variety of different coloured shimmer shades online so choosing was a bit difficult, though i went with Pink Lights in the end.

' baked highlight powder product with an iridescent pink finish '

Packaging is plain simple with a black shiny bottom and clear domed lid that is embossed with gold metallic lettering which hasn't even rubber off yet BONUS!

As for the product it's super fine built up with miniscule particles with nothing to compare it to when I apply to the top of my cheekbones it works amazingly just extenuating my features giving me a gorgeous glow paired with the right shade of blush.

Just like any product you can over do it (trust me i know) even if your applicator doesn't look to have much on it try it out first I'm sure it will. A little goes along way but is build-able if you feel you need more.

Otherwise you'll resemble a disco ball... 

Overall with lasting power being between 4-5 hours (even with oily skin.)
If you love all things make up it's a must to have in your collection this summer to help finish your look off making you perfected for the day ahead.

Revolution Highlight | £3.00 

Do like trying out highlight?

Xtras Beauty Bargain Haul

After using Xtras beauty bargain website only once before, resisting the offers they have on there is seriously so hard, obviously i needed yet more makeup in my collection.


These are a few bits i popped in my basket as i wanted to try out some more shades from the Rimmel Apocalips range Luna & Big Bang.(love the formula)

I purely bought the Sally Hansen polish thinking i could use it as a nude pink for a D-I-Y french manicure turns out I'm still on the hunt for one but notheless its still a lovely creamsicle colour for S/S. 

Last of all i've seen W7 dotted around on blog posts recently so i decided to try out some myself with a creamy eyeshadow stick called coffee which reminds me more of a champagne coloured shimmer on the eyes.

As for the W7 mascara having not tried it  yet I'm intrigued to see what it can do. 

 Some gorgeous colours swatched for the summer ahead.

Considering the price i paid everything added to a measly £10 or so with delivery which I'm certainly not going to argue with.

What beauty bargain have you picked up recently?

Avon Quick Freeze Drying Nail Spray Review

Avon is not always my first call for all things beauty but with brochures flying around at work it's hard not to browse.

The Avon Quick Freeze Nail Spray has always caught my eye it obviously seems like the perfect product especially if painting your nails is an necessity for any nail obsessive like myself.

Spray nails dry in a flash. A convenient, fast-drying top coat in a easy to use spray.

 With simple clear packaging it doesn't make this the prettiest of products but i guess it's whats inside that counts for sure.

It's spray pump is easy to use distributing  the liquid over the nails in 2-3 pumps.
There's no mess involved but FYI make sure to direct away from delicate surface and animals, (sometimes they just get in the way!)

Scent wise i actually find it quite pleasant  it definitely works a treat & 60 seconds after application nails are dry to touch but that doesn't mean to say they're completely 100% dry.  

All in all if your a little impatient when it comes to leaving nails to dry, this should be next on your wish list purely because it does genuinely work.

The only downside i've experienced is you can over spray the quick freeze, if you do or have, you find yourself having super greasy finger tips which can be slightly irritating  at first, it does however EVENTUALLY will disappear.

I've purchased another bottle of this stuff as i can't fault it in anyway i love it, its become such an essential for me now in my nail routine. 

Liquid Freeze Spray | £6.00

whats your nail product essential? 

Limited Edition Nails Inc Floral Queensgate Garden | Nail Polish Review

Seeing the bottle on the shelf it looks amazing and certainly is bang on trend this summer what with the floral flowers, but sadly for me that's where all the greatness ends.

Although it does look lovely on pastel coloured nails also dressed up on one finger as an accent nail, it just doesn't live up to its £12 price tag.

The formula is too runny making it super hard to actually get any pink flowers on the nail as they just congregate at the bottom of the bottle, even if they do apply due to the '3D effect' they don't lay flat on the nail and if you've managed to get them on there in the first place it won't be long before they are smudged to the end of the nail about to fall off, if your wanting extra on the nail otherwise it is certainly a lengthy process letting them dry.

I think the concept of the polish is a good one but with actual use of trying this out especially with the price, it isn't something i would recommend if your not willing to get a little frustrated with the application or if you want pretty nails at a price.

My expectations were defiantly not met and excitement quickly turned to an upside down frown hopefully other beauty brands won't be following suit any time soon if they do I'll be sure to keep clear. 

Queensgate Gardens 10ml | £12

Have you had any beauty product problems recently?

Pick Of The Daisies | S/S14 Fashion


Although my eye for fashion is quite resonable even if i do say so myself.

 You certainly wouldn't think that looking in my wardrobe of never ending comfy casuals.
Growing up, gaining weight and getting curves it's certainly doesn't happen all in a days

With all that comes, emotional feelings that are quick to surface,though i may not have confidence or the figure to pull off clothing i wish i could. I guess a little hard work & determination never hurt anyone.


I'm love love loving the daisy trend,
 having incorporated a few pieces of the daisy prints into my life,

literally can't get enough of it so of course showing you my top picks on the high street was a must.

what fashion style are you all about this summer?
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