Rainy Day Mac's | British Summer Edition

Saturday, 30 August 2014

plastic mac

(L - top - right B)
This is a totally a love or hate trend something I'm still trying to figure out which one for myself.
Having seen some lovely looking plastic rain macs online, in store and in magazines it brought back memories of a never to be seen in again pink shiny coat from next i wore all the time back in my baby care free days. 
So of course I had to try this trend out for myself turns out it's not for me trying them on in Topshop well we'll just leave that there.

With some gorgeous designs these are my top picks that are around right now that I so wish I could pull off.

love it or hate them?

Barry M Natural Glow Shadow & Blush Palette | Review

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


This is certainly a palette I didn't need but wanted purely as it has all you need for a get up, get ready out the door kinda look.

First off, the packaging ain't all that, it seems to be made of sturdy plastic coated cardboard housing the products that closes securely using magnetic clasps. There's a mirror on the inside too which is useful for a quick touch up.

It contains two essential matte finishes great for a quick swish of colour in a rush or to build up a semi matte/shimmery look.

The rest of the shades consists of gorgeous golden brown champagne colours not forgetting the pale pink glitter blush (also can be used as a shadow.)

You can make many looks using this palette combining the colours for all occasions, 
it's been useful taking on weekend trips for birthdays and popping in my bag to update my look from day to night.

Formulation wise they're not the best pigmented shades i've come across but you can certainly build the colours up to a desired shade but do beware of fall out.
They do last up to 8 hours on a good day having used a good eyeshadow primer/base but anything after that you can look a bit worse for wear, that just might be the alcohol taking its toll or the stressful day you've had at work though.

I would say this palette is for you if your dabbling into the world of shadows or if your buying as part of fun loving gift, its also travel friendly making it a perfect back up for a weekend of all sorts.

Boots or Superdrug £6.49 for 6g

MonuSpa Skincare Professionals Enriched Body Cream Review

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

 Recently I actually won a twitter giveaway from the lovely people over at Monu Skincare Professionals, I couldn't wait to get my hands on & try some things from this new brand.

Having looked a bit further into who they are, what they're all about. 
The products & image they portray seems incredible.

They're not just products you can buy in the likes of your local supermarket the whole Monu Skincare Brand is super desirable and of course a luxury that's worth a try you can  buy online at feelunique or here at the monushop online also if that's not good enough you can even experience them in your local Elite Salon, Spa or Skincare Specialists.

Just some of the qualities they believe in,
All products are made from the finest locally sourced natural ingredients, using no synthetic perfumes or colourings. 
Products are NOT tested on animals,  packaging they use is even 100% recyclable.
I could go on forever, now on to the good stuff...

Body cream's. 
I own lot of too many in fact, so as I get bored easily of smelling like strawberry's day in day out, I'm always on the hunt for something new to add into my daily skincare regime.

This is where the MonuSpa Enriched Body Cream fits perfectly.

First impressions, can I just say that the lime green and white packaging looks so fresh & sleek, keeping it simple works well 10/10.

Onto the goodness,

It contains orange, lemon, geranium and rose essential oils giving a very delicate floral scent with a burst of citrus peaking through.
Giving a fresh after scent which isn't over powering.

The Cocoa butter formula gives dehydrated skin like mine a more softer feeling also an ingredient in there called marine collagen helps over time to keep skin smooth as well as firm I can feel that my skin is less rough after 2 weeks use already. 
Can't say it's helped with the bingo wings just yet though!

Applying onto skin after a hot bath or shower is best as the heat helps open my pores so this can soak right in.
 Now I usually find body moisturisers take way too long to sink in leaving me feel like a sticky mess but an amazing thing with the monuspa body cream it takes around 5 minutes to be absorbed leaving you without that dreaded greasy sticky residue most creams leave behind for the next 24 hours.

Overall this amazing body cream helps with the elasticity of skin helps revive dryness leaving skin feel soft, smooth and well hydrated.

So if your in need of all that then this is one for you wish-list. 

For the £24.00 price tag the only negativity I have towards this product is the tub its housed in, for the retail price along with the fantastic benefits a glass jar or uniquely shaped pot would work wonders for the dressing table.

Would I repurchase?
YES without a doubt but for now I'm making this tub last as long as possible.

Models Own 5pc Brush Set Review

Monday, 11 August 2014

Brushes are something you can never have enough of, so I'm always on the look out trying to find affordable sets that contain suitable tools that I will actually use.

So while on the look out for new eye brushes I couldn't past on this
 Models Own 5pc Brush Set which includes a: 
Powder Brush - perfect handbag sized
Angled Eye brush,
Lip brush - also great for precision concealer application,
Shading Eye brush,
Blending Eye brush,

Looks wise I love the florescent orange handles defiantly makes it easier to find them.
 The brushes themselves have synthetic bristles, which are super soft and built quite dense which certainly helps to pack on powder shadows & other products which deserves a big thumbs up.

They wash easily too with warm water using natural soaps.

Last of all surprisingly they still haven't shed.

So for the £9.99 they are, it works out to be £2 a brush if my maths is correct so is a top find if your a beauty lover on a budget.

Keep a look out for when they're on offer.

 Or if your in need to update your make-up applicator collection then these will help you out.

Either way they do the job just right.

What's your fave makeup brush brand?

Shimmering Coral Summer to Autumn Makeup Look

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze
 Iconic 3 palette by Makeup Revolution
W7 Eyelid Primer,
Benefit they're real Mascara,
NYX Curve Eyeliner in Black
ELF Cosmetics eyebrow and clear mascara (for brows)
ELF Cool Bronzer,
Natural Collection Blush in Sweet Cheeks
MUA Concealer Wand in Fair
Rimmel Match Perfection in Ivory
Matte Makeup Revolution in Divine
Barry M Lip Gloss In 233



Currently Obsessed With #TV

The whole fantasy of TV series has totally ruined my life, one minute I'm a CSI, Jack Bauer wannabe agent clone, next I'm living in New York running from god-knows who, then I'm a flesh eating, wolf loving Kardashian.

Seriously I get so sucked into all these amazing yet unrealistic realities I just can't get enough of.

It certainly helps though, especially when it comes to a break from my life.

Jumping from episode to episode these are a few (too many) 
routes that I use to escape and unwind with at night.

Firstly this wasn't my cup of tea but 3 seasons later it's up there with the rest.

Teen Wolf 
With a name not so appealing but content to say otherwise, do not judge a book by its cover springs to mind. FYI the actors in these are easy on the eye too.

Pretty Little Liars
This is one I love to hate I can't get over all the twist and turns although I'd apprecitate answers immediately, not more questions!

Orphan Black 
Seriously the work that goes into this programme the complexity of putting everything together with brilliant actors, I don't get half of what goes on but nonetheless 5/5.

Hemlock Grove
Crazy, weird, S#!T is all I have to say about this one, however its some good crazy, weird, S#!T.

Jack Bauer is the best, I'm currently on season 6 & watch too many episodes in a row resulting in weird dreams.

One word BEAUT.

Cringe-worthy TV at its best, worse than hoarders on TLC.

The list could seriously go on forreverrrr but I won't keep boring you with my top picks, what are yours?

Barry M Gelly Nail Paints | Gelly Collection

I confess... I love Barry M Nail Paints,
After buying my first ever shade in bright purple a few years ago now, i've not look back since.
Dabbling in other brands and formulations although they do fulfill my nail painting needs some just don't last or  they peel, chip, even make my nails weak.

So with Barry M being some of the best i've used these are from the newish Gelly collection.

The gorgeous shades above are the ones I gravitated towards when purchasing so we have from left to right:

Grapefruit is a shade made for toes. With a tan or without your little tootsies will look amazing in this red colour with pink undertones. BONUS it looks opaque in one coat. 

Rose Hip looking at the bottle makes me smile, a strawberry milkshake pink to glorify my nails, oh yes please! Although this looks the part it takes time as well as effort to stop it from looking like a streaky gloopy mess as the shade is so pale every imperfection will be on show.

  Sugar Apple a lovely light bluey pale green shade accompanied by a sweet name.

  Greenberry everyone surely has to own some variety of a mint green in their collection, this is my mine appropriately name.

Guava this was actually a birthday gift from my mum which I love! It's quite a unique green turquoise shade also applies perfectly in one coat too.

 Blue Grape my all time favourite with a cobalt blue colouring, better yet one coat does the trick then your good to go. 

These are the best of the bunch if your looking for an extra high shine glossy finish.
They wear well up to 7 days depending your desired top coat, not forgetting the base coat too always helps.
I've found this formula less prone to peeling as one-two applications is all that's really necessary as for drying wise just like any other brands out there it usually takes between 7-20mins to be completely dry (if not thickly applied.)
Last of all keep in mind that when it comes to paler shades of any kind build up thin layers slowly to avoid a big mess not recommended to use if your in a rush!

What nail brand are you loving right now? 

Summer Worthy Handbag Essentials

Saturday, 2 August 2014

This weather we're experiencing is well hot, so as summer is in full swing and hot sweaty commutes, cars, stuffy offices as well as humidity giving us all they've got, adding even more difficulty to our daily routines.
 Handbag essentials defiantly can't stop any of these problems they can make things a little more bearable.

I tend to use minimal make-up in hotter weather mainly because I resemble a melting clown in anything more.
 With claims of up to 16 hours wear this product is lightweight gives a slight light coverage which i've found is just as good as the Rimmel Stay Matte. Also blotting sheets will be your face saver too even if you don't have super oily skin.
Travel sized/Handbag sized check, super soft bristles check.

Lip balm of any kind will do, a glossy look, a hydrated pout including your favourite flavour is always a must.

Mini Hairspray | James Brown
 This one in particular I could live without having had a bad experience. Taming wispy flyaways keeping your do in a somewhat reasonable manner in heat & humidity try it you might just find it useful.*tip in a rush forgot your brows? spray on finger or clean mascara wand run over brows, vo'ile they'll stay in place all day.

Dry Shampoo | Paul Mitchell
Pretty self explanatory really, greasy fringe extra root boosting volume needed? Then this is one for you. 

Now having a full face of make-up literally spraying water all over your face may not be the best move in the middle of work or town.
But i've found using it on wrists my chest and neck it does help.

Using aerosols in public places I know annoys the heck out of me especially when it smells so bad, for my handbag with discreet use I'm all over a refreshing spritz of delicious goodness.
Bobby pins hair grips whatever you call them are always needed when hair in the face gets too much.
Hair bobbles = pineapple heads for the car journeys home.

When that sun shines and you catch a stray hair glistening in the mirror your words are always damn I need some tweezers well if they're part of your handbag essentials you don't need to worry.
Reading Literature
Glossy mags the latest book whatever your preference you need it. You'll never know when your phones gon' dramatically die or when your in a sticky situation that social media or candy crush just isn't helping.

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