The Body Shop Shower Gel | Christmas Edition Review

Sunday, 14 December 2014

These scents are literally amazing, i wish they were available all year round.
Sadly with them being festive editions i urge anyone to get online or go in store RIGHT NOW so you don't miss out on a few bottles of exceptional shower gel.

At £4.00 each they certainly won't break the bank either getting 250mls of product, bargain.

Frosted Cranberry is the first bottle i picked up with earthy berry fragrance mixed with a hint of sugared cranberries,  perfection.

Vanilla Brulee is heaven, think freshly baked cakes vanilla essence with a drizzle of hot custard.

The best should always be saved till last, Glazed Apple literally smells incredible, for every fruity scent lover you need this in your bathroom, it fills and foams up to be a juicy sour, apple dipped in glazed icing, topped with a pinch of floral blossom to finish.

They all contain extracts of scent added with honey which is not only full of sweet goodness but using along side sensitive skin like my mine you've got piece of mind that your not going to turn into a big red splodge.

Last of all as it states on the label they are unfortunately unfit for consumption! This made me laugh.

Christmas Jumper Style | BonPrix

bon prix christmas jumper
The wackiest Christmas jumpers are always the best not forgetting the cute ones too though!
Then comes the biggest challenge of all what to wear with it, what goes what doesn't? 
My outfit has been styled with casual comfort in mind taking inspiration from the likes of my fave celebs.
From the flat boots, to the bobble hat that of course can cover uncooperative hair in a morning i'm loving this look.
Most importantly of all, lets not forget the festive jumper that is an essential piece for your a/w14 wardrobe this season.
It seems everyone and their dog has one this year all in the name of fashion right?

The jumper I've picked to enter the wonderful competition BonPrix are holding. 
Is this inexpensive snowflake designed polar bear one which comes in different colours for just £19.99.
Paired with pieces perfect for layering in colder weather for a shopping trip maybe? This jumper certainly now looks the part.

Items listed below are a few cheaper alternatives found on the BonPrix website because we can't all afford polyvore prices you know:

Don't forget to enter the competition yourself to fancy your chances of winning a festive jumper or two!

Do you like Christmas jumpers? yayyy or nayyy?


Yankee Candle Advent Calendar | Sneak Peak Inside

Monday, 1 December 2014

 Making the decision on the this advent calendar was a hard thing to do but i'm so glad i did Yankee Candle is amazing.
There's two designs of this calendar which you need to get before you miss out,  you won't regret it!

Although i'm a big lover of all things christmas as well as candles the downside for me is the actual opening of the doors why isn't they're a little something about what scent is surprising you on the other side.
I'm all for a guessing game but if i want the full size version i literally have no idea what I'd be buying!

Has anyone else had this slight issue?

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