Alive with colour VIVO Beauty haul

Sunday, 21 July 2013

So just like everyone else and their goldfish, I just had to take advantage of the amazing 50% deal at vivo cosmetics (just had too) the deal was amazing to pass up and as I'm not a regular shopper at Tesco its not that easy for me to pick up. So i certainly thought it was time to purchase some new beauty products (Ooo exciting).


                  All the above cost a barganious £19.00 + free shipping which i don't think is bad really,
                        be sure to check out my blog for upcoming reviews on most of these products!

Guess what the offers been extended too go grab a good deal while you can! 

(image source

Have you picked up any bargain beauty products recently? 

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Nip + Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Yes after hearing so many amazing things about the Nip+Fab Body Butter I give in and purchased one.
It just had to be done didn't it?........

 Upon buying i never opened it in-store i just assumed as everyone else was a fan I'd like it too?

You couldn't be anymore wrong, the formulation has a thin creamy texture which really gives my dry skin a good treat, it doesn't feel sticky after rubbing in and it also soaks in super fast (so your not left flapping about like a chicken waiting to dry). The Nib + Fab Body Butter could even be a great slightly cheaper alternative to my Body Shop Body Butters. But with all the praise i can give to this tiny tub of it all fades away in an instant THE SCENT oh my, me + the pistachio scented body butter is not a great combination i really can't stand the way this product smells defiantly not my cup of tea!

I did persevere with trying it out but as much as i enjoyed the moisturising benefits its just something I'm unable to use without wanting to be sick.

SO it is great and if you have a love of pistachio scented products and dry skin then your certainly onto a winner but if your anything like me try out the other scents first or in this case smell before you buy!

beccalouise oxo

London/Primark Haul

Monday, 1 July 2013

 I recently returned (unfortunately) back to reality after a great long weekend away in London. 
Is was amazing we did all the touristy bits, loads of shopping, a little bit of drinking and i saw the Lion King Musical playing at the Lyceum Theater (such fantastic production well worth a watch!) Also in between all that we got lost so many times walking around in circles and don't even talk about the tube it wasn't super hard to navigate round but my god WHATS WITH ALL THE STAIRS! I'm saying that because as a lazy bum walking up and down the 100 and something stairs at the Russell Square station it was the worse experience ever lol!

Other than the stairs situation i enjoyed myself so much and can't wait to go back next year especially for the shopping i spend a lot more than i should but it was worth it..

 River Island Stud Purse - £17.00 
I love this scarf I've become obsessed with the lime green colour recently.
River Island Owl Necklace - £8.00
I'm also beginning to accessorise more isn't this owl so cute!
H&M 3/4 Sleeved Cardigan  
Just a casual essential.
H&M Tank Top
 That lovely yellow'y green colour again!

Forever 21 Yellow and White Striped Top
Forever 21 Skinny Jeans - £19.75

Yet more casual essentials.

Everything above is from Primark in London, the one on Tottenham Court Road,  it is mahooosive one of the biggest I've ever seen and quite surprisingly it didn't resemble a jumble sale!

Sorry that there isn't a link to every item I've searched all the websites but they just don't seem to be listed i know that can be a little annoying but I'll be sure to update if i do come across any of the items.
Hope you enjoy my haul!

I would love for you to leave links to your recent hauls just have a good old noisy and read some new blogs!

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June Favourites

June June June where the bloody hell is this year going?!?!?! It's July already its crazy how time flies, it'll be Christmas before we know it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Moving on from my weirdness and onto my faves of last month, there's not many products I've loved or rediscovered recently so i only have four products but they are certainly worthy of being featured in this post.

First up is the Loverdose by Diesel Eau De Parfum, I just cant get enough of this scent it smells amazing and because of this I've been neglecting all of my other pretty bottled perfumes. So for now this is my number one fave of the month due to its long lasting floral, sweet scent.

Now i have done a review here on this eyeliner and it is certainly a must have for my makeup bag, its great especially for my oily eyelids and surprisingly it has a super long lasting staying power (it didn't even budge when travailing on the tube/walking everywhere last week when i visited London!) Plus for a price of £1.50 so worth a try!

This is a great refreshing body mist by The Body Shop it smells just as good as the Mango Body Butter,
the scent sticks around for a few hours and is a lovely luxury  product to keep on your dresser, in your locker at work for a quick spruce up or just in the bottom of your bag to use on the go.

With the weather not quite making up it's mind humidity plus rain and shine aren't great for my frizzy hair so instead of having straight locks, I've recently opted for a messy beach wave look to keep my hair in some sort of decent do so i don't have to worry about the weather forecast ha!
This product though can be quite hit and miss depending on the amount you use too much is going to be way too MUCH but spray sparingly throughout your and well enjoy its great results.

beccalousie oxox

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