w7 Prime Magic Eye Primer Review

Sunday, 24 November 2013

So when it comes to eyeshadow i always play save with the same old shades because my skills are no where near as advanced as i liked them to be but not only that i know what stays put throughout the night and what definitely doesn't! 

So with the party season well and truly just around the corner i thought it was time to find a necessary essential for my make up bag, especially something that adds extra perfection to my otherwise novice'ly applied make up.

Having never tried an eye primer to keep my eyeshadow in place for nights out/neutral everyday looks i knew i was missing out so when an opportunity arised i knew exactly what to choose.

The w7 Prime Magic Eye Primer* comes packaged in a standard clear tube (great to see how much products left) and has a doe foot applicator.

Now having never tried an eye primer before i wasn't quite sure what to expect, this one in-particular has a soft creamy texture which blends seemingly all over the lid using just my fingers but it also works well with a small clean eye brush too. Even though it is an obvious white colour the product does blend out to be completely sheer.

It moisturises slightly as well drying to a semi-matte iridescent sheen so even on lazy days I'll use my w7 Eye Prime just to add that little extra to my eyes + it helps with my oily eyelids too which is a bonus!

Having tested in both daytime/evening/night-time in different atmospheres I'd say it has at least 6 hours lasting power but up to 8 if you were to spend a a few minutes more gently layering and building up the colour on your eyes rather than packing it all on at once. 

This magic primer certainly helps shadow to stop creasing in everyday wear something that usually happens due to having super oily skin but even on a messy night out it pro-longs fading & stops it smugdeing all around my face (that's before I've even walked out the door), so all in all it's worth a try with a price tag of £2.99 (currently on offer at xtras for £1.99!)

 Overall it works, the thing for me is you can actually tell a difference with the quality it adds to your already perfect shade of shadow which is great, i don't know how I've coped without it all this time!

 w7 Magic Prime Eye Primer for £1.99!

What w7 products have you tried and liked? 

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 beccalouise oxox

Eos Lip Balm Review Summer Fruits & Pomegranate Raspberry

Sunday, 17 November 2013

After Receiving the EOS Lip Balms in a great giveaway hosted by the lovely Sophie who writes over at La Vie Sophie i just had to share my thoughts with you.

I was holding out and waiting until the day i travelled state side to be able to try one of these bad boys but luck was on my side and the ones i received were in the flavours summer fruits & pomegranate raspberry.

Smooth on an all-natural lip balm that delivers the perfect balance of flavor and moisture

Now I'm sure you all know the Eos Lip Balms are housed in egg shaped bright coloured cases,
but apart from the unusual packaging it's whats inside that defiantly counts.

                                                                                   First of all....

I wasn't totally impressed to me it was just a ball of balm that wasn't overly scented something i was convinced would make a greasy mess on my lips but never judge a book by its cover comes to mind......

So although its not overly scented or as soft in texture as I'd expected, this is probably the best lip balm I've ever tried considering the fact i have oily skin and as I've said once before i don't particularly like greasy, overly moisturising lip products as they just feel uncomfortable on a face full of oil already they just get pushed to one side, but a last this is something that the EOS Lip Balms are not and this is what make them an essential in my make up bag!

I found the longitivity of the product to be between 3-4 hours i honestly feel the moisturising benefits last even after eating/drinking.
They have a slight taste to them that lasts too which is not over empowering either.

Even though the ball of balm is quite solid it applies really well and is evenly distributed across the lips, Something i do though as i wasn't a fan of it being so hard i put it in my coat pocket hanging over the radiator, by doing this it seems to loosen & melt the product slightly making it that tiny bit better to work with. (don't keep it there for too long as I'm sure it'll completely melt if you were to try.)

Overall it's not greasy or heavy on the lips, lasts a good amount of time, smells good, contians shea butter and is 100% organic + it's a good conversation starter once you've pulled an egg shaped thing out your handbag!

What more could you ask for!?

Defiantly worth it! All i wanna know is when will they be available in the UK!

 EOS Lip Balm for £5.99

pssst. be sure to check out sophie and her amazing lifestyle blog!

beccalouise ox


Real Techniques Brush Haul/Review

After debating for a whole year whether the RT brushes were a worthy purchase for someone who wasn't really allowed to wear a lot of make up or nail polish for my job (i don't know how i survived for TWO years!)

I just couldn't justify spending money on something that would essentially not be used that often but that was until i got a new job yayy me! 
My self-esteem is now back because I can be me again so before I started I of course had to update my beauty collection with a few new Barry M polishes but most importantly of all, the long awaited for Real Technique Brushes!

Upon there arrival i didn't really know what to expect, did i buy the right ones? Have i just wasted £50 of my hard earned moola?

Well you'll just have to keep reading......

Brushes Purchased:

Core Collection:
Buffing Brush - Rounded Dense, Flare Ended Brush
Contour Brush - Soft Fluffy Tapered Brush 

Stippling Brush - Duo Fibre Bristles with a Dense Brush Base,
Expert Face Brush -  Super Dense Rounded Short Bristled Brush
Blush Brush - Flared Tapered Soft Brush

In the past I've only ever used ELFcosmetics brushes so my expectations were pretty high, and well i have to say they defiantly didn't dissapoint.

Core Collection:
I'll start with my only dislike of this set which is the Pointed Foundation Brush I'm just not a fan i always find this type of brush always makes my face streaky no matter how careful i am in applying foundation around dry areas. Using this type of application it seems to lift the dry skin making my face look super dry/cakey and so not flawless!

But as for the other three i honestly can't fault them in anyway. The Buffing Brush helps me to work with my foundation so much more easily helping disguise pores as well as making it feel like a second skin because i feel that little bit of extra buffing makes the biggest difference by helping it settle in rather than it just sitting on the top my skin waiting to side off throughout the day.
I find the Contour Brush super helpful as i'm able to sweep away fallout eyeshadow easily, apply blush a lot more precisely & obviously contour with ease.

Last of all the Detailer Brush works wonders for helping to cover my super red breakouts but not only that since using this brush to layer on lip products they seem to make my lips look a lot more polished and professional if i do say so myself rather than just slapping on too much being paranoid its all around your mouth/on your teeth because you applied to much! 

Although the Expert Face Brush has multiple uses i found this particular one great to press powder into my skin as well as helping to apply foundation but other than that i've not really tried to apply anything else with it but maybe i should?

The Stippling Brush has to be a favourite of mine just because it makes applying foundation enjoyable as the end result makes skin look amazing not only that though this brush is quite versatile in the fact it apply's cream blush and mousse formulas really well as the products distrbute across the face evenly unlike the blush brush which i found out to be quite disaterous in applying those kind of formulated products.

Last of the bunch is my Blush Brush perfectly does a fantastic job especially with the tapered style & density of the brush helps again with application of powdered blushes.

Overall they are a great addition to my 'make up collection' certainly worth every penny spend and i look forward to purchasing a few more very soon especially the sponge quite intrigued about that one!

Ever Tried Real Technique Brushes?
What's your favourite brand of brushes?

I purchased mine from boots.com but you can get them from iherb.com too and make a great saving with a few promo codes online!

                                                                            beccalouise xox

Mint Julep Mask Review

Sunday, 3 November 2013

After hearing good things as well as reading rave reviews i purchased the Mint Julep Masque to try out and see if it would live up to my expectations.

The mask comes packaged in a sturdy white tube with a green cap nothing too fancy just standard.

What the mask states...

Helps dry up acne pimples, rinse away blackheads & shrink enlarged pores,

Now onto the green stuff,
As you can imagine what with the name the mask has a minty fresh scent which is super refreshing, perfect for a relaxing pick me up, (cucumber on eyes everyone around you making as much noise as possible, yes i live in a mad house) well not so relaxing in my case but you get the idea.

With a thick green texture it's easily smeared on the skin as i think your natural body heat helps with applying a thin layer all over your face, providing it is a thin covering the mask takes 1-2 mins to fully dry going from a dark shade of green to a lighter colour, once this stage is over you should leave it on for 15 mins.
Personally i leave it on for anything up to 25 which is just my preference. 
By the time it takes to dry on your skin the product visibly seems to draw out oil + all other impurities from my pores which is something I've never seen before, so where I've covered over you seen tiny dots all over where the oils been drawn out, sounds gross right. 

Also it doesn't make your face as dry as a prune you can still move your face as freely as possible but the best thing about the Mint Julep Mask is the after result I'm left with muck free clean skin, a super soft texture and best of all noticeably reduced blackheads by no means do they disappear, but they're certainly not as dark as before i applied this mask.

The benefits of spot reduction i can't say too much about it as (*touch wood*) I've had seemingly less pimples in recent months, the one or two have cleared up though with the added extra of regularly using this mask. One thing i can say is it works a treat for oily skin but it's certainly suitable for all skin types.

Overall this is definitely something you should own on your shelf of many lotions + potions because for the price of £2.95 it's so worth a try!

 Mint Julep Masque 226.8g for £2.95/$4.87
I purchased mine at iherb.com 

What's your go to face mask?

beccalouise xox

Barry M Matte Nail Paint Haul Swatches+NOTD

Saturday, 2 November 2013

After seeing the press releases on the new Barry M A/W Collection i just couldn't resist trying them out as of course Barry M's of my fave brands for polish. So after a few impulse purchases in Superdrug i picked up the following shades to add to my ever growing collection....




  NOTD wearing Duchess from The Royals Collection

I'm so super impressed with all these shades especially the Matte ones they take TWO coats max to look completely opaque but not only that they last up to 6 days of wear without the need of a top coat!

I'd be completely missing the point of a matte polish if i painted a glossy finish over over the top wouldn't i ha.

I can't recommend them enough, + don't even get me started on the Royals Collection such beautiful shimmering amazing'ness, i think i may just have to purchase the rest....

What's your Favourite Nail Polish Brand?

 beccalouise xox

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