Duo Boots Competition

Monday, 22 October 2012

Duo Boots Competition

Duo Boots Competition by wonderrcolourbehind 

It's the last day of a generous competition DuoBoots are holding to win a pair of shoes of  your choice amazing! Details here!
Before this competition i'd never heard of the brand duo boots but my oh my they sell some lovely quality shoes slightly out of my price range but a girl can dream right? ha. 

They were four particular pairs that took my fancy, (Woodbury, Gable, Dubois the ones i choose! and Avron), so i found it rather difficult to choose just ONE pair to make an outfit with but i succeeded as you can see from my entry above.

I didn't have a certain theme in mind so i made an outfit for an everyday casual, comfy, relaxing look which i think complements the boots pretty well especially with the autumn'y colours, the accents of studs and a military style coat. Overall i have to say i'm in love with this outfit but sadly my bank account doesn't agree. :(  

P.s. I couldn't decide between leggings or skinny jeans so went with both! 

Hope you like my entry !

What's your favourite style of footwear for autumn/winter?


Monday, 15 October 2012

As a nail polish addict i love to paint my nails but i don't get to do it that often due to work so i always jump at the chance when i'm off to put some colour and sparkle onto my hands (because who doesn't love a a bit of sparkle?)
These are the the polishes i used: 

Barry M Diamond Glitter 
Barry M All in One Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener 
No7 Stay Perfect Quick Dry Top Coat
Models Own Purple Passion 
Models Own Ibiza Mix
So on to the nails, i choose purple just cause i loveeeeee purple, it was the first time trying out the models own polishes too and i have to say why have i not bought any of these before!? The colour is opaque in just two coats with it only literally taking a few minutes for it dry, amazing! I decided to go with both glitter polishes as i was just trying the Ibiza mix out so i only used it on one nail. To top it all off i used my favourite topcoat by No7 a discovery made all from those oh so wonderful no7 boots vouchers i don't no what i'd do without it.

Just a little fact to finish with, it has taken me just over 2 years to be able to paint my nails 'properly' without painting the whole of my fingers and slapping so much on my nails they just end up in a smudged sloppy mess.
Crazy i know..

Do you love or hate glitter polish?

(: x
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