100 Day Spending Ban 2014

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


 I don't know what I'm doing or thinking writing this post but why not give it a go I've accumulated beauty products, make up & clothing bits throughout the last year which get put to one side and that half written draft just never ends up getting finished so with that in mind i will attempt a spending a ban.
The keyword in all this is 'ATTEMPT' having never done something like this before (because i have no will power at all) with the new year it seemed quite fitting to try something new not just a healthier diet!

So the rules i MUST stick too until the 11th of April 2014:

Don't buy any make up, beauty products or clothing items for 100 days,

Use products you own you have too many of them already,

Update weekly or fortnightly on progress,

Go at least 50 days without spending,

Save between £50-100 each month for a great future,

Spend only £30 on my weekly food shop essentials only!

Never want for anything only need if necessary. 

There's no particular reason for this ban other than i should start enjoying the things i own and stop buying just to buy.
On the other hand i would love to travel to new york, LA and the rest of the world at a push which is never going to happen with my shopaholic ways so all thats left to say is
let the spending ban begin wish me luck......

Ever succeeded in a spending ban before?
What did you save for if you did?

beccalouise ox 

Healthy Option New Year Breakfast Diet | 2014

Now i know this type of DIY healthy food'y stuff isn't my regular type of post but as i make the rules around here i thought i would share with you my new healthy option breakfast for 2014.
Now by no means am i dieting strictly or being a crazy calorie counting mad women, i just think its about time i looked after myself that little bit more.
After finding a new job in an office September last year, it was a big transition for myself going from being on my feet all day, running around to sitting on my butt in front of a computer. 
Don't get me wrong I'm enjoying every minute of it (the job not sitting on my bum all day) but doing less exercise like walking everywhere when i didn't have a car is starting to catch up with me it might not be totally visible on the outside but to me i need to get my arse in gear and do something about it rather than drown in self pity and McDonald burgers! (They really don't help being so tasty and a 5 minute walk away from work!)

So as the little things add up I've bit the bullet, and been supermarket shopping in which i picked up some healthier alternatives to what i would usually eat.

Before I continue showing you my healthy breakfast alternative a few other things I've started to do are:

Walk the dog we have three Labradors one of which is only 5months old so I've taken on the challenge of walking her everyday for 30 minutes - 1 hour not only for her benefit but mine too!
(my dad's the dog walker usually)

Cut down or stop eating white bread,

Intimidated by the gym like me? Do 20-30 minutes exercise around the house EVERYDAY (YouTube will be your workout buddy with this one),

Eat smaller portions, 

Don't Stuff your face unless its with fruit & veg,

Last of all don't cut out sugary snacks altogether in the name of the shaytards have a dedicated sugar day and stick to it!
Healthy Breakfast Alternative Time.......

You'll need granola of your choice mine is granola clusters,
Bran flakes for extra crunch (optional),
Bite size fruit whatever takes your fancy - apples, blueberry, blackcurrants, cranberries etc,
Natural Yoghurt,
I use the fat free Greek-Style Yoghurt just because i like this particular one but with many kinds/brands out there its trial & error I suppose as I know this type of yoghurt has an acquired taste!

Collective Fashion Haul + || Sneaky Sale Purchases

These are a few fashion purchases I've made over the last month or so, they're a few bits i purchased from the sales so its made spending slightly more justifiable, well not really but if your anything like me spending money makes me happy so as long as i earned it and have a smile on my face what the heck!

Enjoy the haul.
 I hope you can still make a great saving while the sales last!


ASOS for Aldo Bag | £45.00 to £31.50


New Look Zip Up Floral Skirt | £17.99 to £10.00

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