Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur Primer Review

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Garnier have released their new cleansing water making it a dead ringer for the 'bioderm' holy grail which i can't wait to get my hands on.

As for now what we have here is something quite unique the 5 Sec Blur Garnier Primer now i have always in the past skipped out primer in my everyday day routine as i just never seemed to be interested in what they had to offer.

Upon googling as well as a lot of youtubering i came to find i of course needed one in my life not only to improve the appearance of my skin but also to give me a helping hand when it comes to the longevity of my face makeup. 
So when on my many a trip walking around boots i couldn't resist after seeing the product on offer & reviews from its launch from way back when i guess it was a win win really. 


The product itself is great with a creamy pink colour & soft moose texture.

It's lightweight which melts into to the skin in an instant smoothing out pores i can't mention wrinkles as i don't currently have any!

As for the benefits it states it definitely does what it says it can do. 
Once applied the skin certainly appears refreshed with a super smoothed out appearance which i honestly can say gives a visibly blurred shine free face ready to apply my foundation.

This is one of those products that works from the start showing results straight away.
Its housed in easy to use packaging, perfect to travel with also great for everyday to use under foundation on top of moisturiser especially to help reduce pore sizes and all other imperfections blurring them from visibility.

With it's unique texture it certainly is a primer that i can't be without for just £13 too for the amount of product you get its one to try this summer to keep your skin looking tip top!

Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm Review + Swatches

Monday, 28 April 2014

The last revlon lip product i tried, was the balm-stain here.
Having been an avid fan of a matte finish now for some time as well as reading all about the releases it was about time i updated my lip collection for the summer months.
 I love the contrasting colours of these balms they're definitely the perfect shades for sunny weather especially from the coral to a barely there pink lip. 

Providing your lips are super smooth & soft the application of each balm will glide across leaving the lips behind with a gorgeous polished matte look, on the other hand if you haven't exfoliated prior to applying lets just say its not gonna be the best look you've tried trust me i have experienced this dreadfulness!
Enjoy a lasting hydrating feel that the matte colour balm gives, but another tip don't overload the lips with product it certainly can feel a little too gunged.
Having worn each matte burst on it's own even mixed, the longest i got away without having to reapply was around 2-3 hours, the coral balm is very much going leave behind a slight stain as it's so rich with colour.
So don't apply in a rush or on the move! Using the crayon like
nib is super duper easy, glide on & Dispense using the twist up bottom if needed. 

Depending on the intense look your going for the colours are somewhat build-able for even better coverage. Other than the mishap of applying to much too quickly these bad boys can not be faulted.

The collection is full of colours everyone needs or in my case just wants now i can't be without them.
Ther're also perfect heading from a day to night look just by dressing up the lips or going all out with eyes & lips.

I'd certainly repurchase in a heartbeat.

Revlon ColourBurst Matte Lip Balms at £7.99 
What finish do you prefer a glossy, shine or matte?

Escentuals French Skincare Buys

Thursday, 24 April 2014

 After entering a competition run by nuxe paris cosmetics, i sadly didn't win but... I seriously fell in love with all the luxurious products they had to offer so of course i had to have some in my life along side a few other sneaky bits that made way into my basket on

The Nuxe Paris Lip Balm is one of the things i have used, it's blumming amazing is all i've got to say the balm itself is a thick rich texture of moisturising goodness you see more of it here!

Nuxe Paris matte moisturising cream i bought this purely with summer in mind trialling out new skincare is something i really like to do as I'm always trying to combat my oily skin needs.
Certainly have high hopes for this.

Yet another matte product, can you see the theme here. i've been using the Effaclar Duo and the (+) version for a few months now, the effects are... well great at the moment so curiosity caught me and i had to try some other La Roche Posay bits.

Why i bought water in a spray dispenser is beyond me, although there is absolutely no reason behind it i still find it quite useful especially when i maybe a little intoxicated from the night before just to refresh (while slowly suffering in bed), other than that it's not something I'm going to reach for because its just not a super essential in my routine, maybe in summer the Avenue Thermal Water might come handy but who knows.

Last of all i bought the Vichy DermaBlend Corrector Stick, stupidly i thought it was a spot zipping treatment turns out its actually concealer in a pen type applicator which dispenses product and covers up. Itself seems quite unique plus its going to be easy to pinpoint the blemishes on my face to with its pen tip. + the concealer formula is really quite thick but lightweight, makes me want to try it even more now!

Overall i give 10/10 for service and fast delivery from Was better than expected having never used their site before. A big thumbs up from me + more as they were even free samples too the little things make me happy. I will for sure be having a nosy at some more skincare bits when payday comes around but until then i can't wait to indulge myself in a little online window shopping adding things to my never ending wishlist.

What's your fave overseas beauty product?

how to get perfect nails for summer

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Having brittle nails that just never grow gets you down so it was about time to change my nail biting habit and make sure they're in pristine condition especially for summer.
Freshly painted nails just make me feel me, i just can't get enough of amazing colours to make an outfit more put together just giving it that extra pop.

Starting out with natural nails removing every single trace of old polish
(don't pick & pike at them)
file, buff plus cut down and shape those pinky's,

*optional something I tend to always do before applying colour is moisturise i use the hand salve by Burt's Bees along with the dedicated lemony fresh cuticle butter which smells amazing.

After all the basic tweaking then comes the nail bed preparation,
*optional push down cuticles with pusher 
then get out your best nail strengthening weaponry because yooooo gon' need it.
I use Avon's nail liquid its something i bought due to the offer it was on whether it works or not i'll let you know about that after a few more goes.


Alongside that apply a bascoat of your choice i chose the Barry M infamous 3 in 1 basecoat topcoat and nail hardener.
  Only using two coats of this on the base never the top it takes to long to dry.

Once everything's dry its all systems go with choosing the right nail polish for the night
not forgetting your fave shiny or matte topcoat.

Yankee Candle Votive Fruit-a-Licious | NEW Summer Collection

If you don't already know i am a bit of a Yankee Candle obsessive well i like to think i am but the first time walking into my friends house, my god she is a crazy candle collector. They're seriously big jar candles in every room as well as cabinets full.
 I've probably just painted a mental mental image of her in your head shes not that insane she has a little family with a serious addiction to candles.
Lets get back on track.....
I was already a fan before getting to know my friend two years ago now. I have to admit i literally like to burn my money on Yankee Candles. (pun intended I'm hilarious i know)

With the new release of the summer samplers i thought I'd test them out before returning to purchase the larger sizes.

  They're four new scents all of which are brightly colour so will make the perfect summer attribute to your home.

Sweet Apple | Red
Lime Green | Margarita Time
Orange Splash | Its Orange of course!
Black Plum Blossom | Purple

The red sweet apple scent just reminds me of that first sour bite of a freshly baked apple pie once you've taken a few more tastes it becomes quite pleasantly enjoyable.
Either that or a really sweet apple cider of which i don't particularly like, it's not best suited to my taste but if your a fan of apple well i think this is the one for you.
Just the lime green of the margarita time makes me smile, there's something about the lime colour this year i just can't get enough of. 
As for the scent i LOVE. 
It's amazing citrus'y summer vibes and the memories of the sun that come popping back it's that good.
With its zesty fruity lime scent this is my fave pick of the bunch.
Not being a particular fan of the floral scent this one has somewhat grown on me.
Black Plum Blossom has floral earthy-undertones but mixed in with that a sweet jam scent overpowers the strong pungent floralness which is certainly great for me as i don't like them much.
The name for Orange Splash is quite self explanatory, this unfortunately is my least favourite it just doesn't seem to smell all that. Ok yes it has a scent but compared with the others there is not much else going on apart from the vineyard barely there orange scent it gets a thumbs down from me but i love the colour it works well with the whole collection, that's about it.
If only it had a little more juiciness.
With each sampler taking up to 15 hours to burn i think it gives me time to choose what I'll purchase full-size come payday. 
For now Yankee Candle have certainly done it again it's definitely a fruit-a-licious collection depending on what your nose's preference your gonna either love it or not get along with a few like myself.
But notheless try out samplers, before you buy i hope you like trying them much as i have.
I'm now going to get starbursts because these candle colours are making me crave them so bad!
Have you a fave scent from yankee candle?

Models Own | Speckled Mini Egg Collection + Swatches

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Of course with another season comes new hair & beauty releases.
These new Models Own Polishes certainly don't disappoint although the concept of speckled nail paints has been around for a few years now, nothing like this has really had an affordable high street price tag attached until now!
Although the speckled colours are unique to what i own, the best thing about them has to be the name its so cute naming them after birds.
  I don't own the full collection which looking back I'm completely shooting myself in the foot about i need the magpie green in my life.
I'm not sure why i didn't get them all, it was these three colours that stood out the most.
Yellow | Goose 
Purple | Swan
Duck | Blue
All three polishes are opaque in two coats leaving an amazing finish and creating the easiest prettiest nail art designs with just a stroke of a brush = BONUS.
They even look so good with an ombre/rainbow finish on all nails or just the one.
I thought application would be quite messy having to try get all the black dots even not just having them congregating in one big lump on the end of the nail i was proved wrong by this they're a dream to apply dry withing 2-3 minutes and last a week with a strong topcoat.
They would certainly make a cute gift along with a chocolate egg for Easter for any beauty junkie you know out there.
Whats your fave nail polish or collection from Models Own
Speckled Collection Nail Polish £5 for 10ml.

Pastel Picks Summer Nails Top 6

Creamsicle shades and beachy blues they just make me squeal i can't get enough of them. Not being the biggest fan of summer I'm deffo loving the summer trends this seasons. 
I seriously can't wait to bust out the maxi dresses & the shades i will be summer prepared!

With all the new collections coming out this year its hard to keep track of what colours i own & ones i want to use or not.

All the summer shades this season look so good against a tan, not always pale skin like mine which is something i always look for in a polish. 
An essential BOUNS!

NOTE* I have felt kinda ridiculous in shades that were never to been worn against my skin which will never happen again.

So for the summer months so far these are the colours that are suiting me well. They will also be beautifying my toes (if that is even possible) as well as my nails.


Models Own HyperGel £5 - Cornflower Gleam
Gorgeous sky blue shade on a summers day.
Rimmel Lasting Finish £2.99 - Marshmallow Heaven
 Deep sunset purple

I love this colour its completely new to my collection the yellow shade is a big favourite of mine this season. 

Barry M Nail Paint £2.99 - Berry Ice Cream
A lighter hue to the Rimmel shade it certainly has to be in my top 6.

Rimmel London 60 Seconds £3.69 Rita Ora Collection - Breakfast In Bed
Shimmery summer beachy, ice cream memories   mixed into one amazing colour.

Barry M Nail Paint £2.99 - Peach Melba
The shade that is made for a tan to look beautiful for a fresh summer manicure even on us pale skinned gals it look perfect.

What colours are your top picks? 

Easter Weekend Promo Codes | Beauty & Fashion Promotional Discount Codes 2014

Friday, 18 April 2014

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