Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Review

Monday, 27 May 2013

Oh what's this i'm writing a blog post i think it's about time becca!
So this month has just been abit how'd you say blahhhhh. 
I've been super unproductive and unmotivated which resulted in me eating too many cookies and drinking 500 gallons of strawberry nesquik (takes me back to being a little kid, oh how times fly).
Also if you couldn't tell blogging had been put on the backburner but i'm back with my mojo intact.

SO i'm determined to make june a somewhat better month and i should probably go on a diet too (lets see how that lasts ha).

Now i've got that out of the way, lets get started on what you actually came here for....

The Collection (2000) Lasting Perfection Concealer has done its rounds a plenty and more in the blogging world but why not add too that right?

This concealer promises all of the below points but it did it live to my many expectations?

Ultimate wear concealer conceals flaws, imperfections and blemishes for up to 16 hours.

Transfer proof and water resistant for full and long lasting coverage.

Provides beautiful, shine-free, blemish-free skin for every waking hour.

In a way yes it was better than any other cover up stick in my collection but all being well they're some things about this product that dont work for me.
I purchased the concealer in Fair 1 which is a near perfect colour match for my ghost white skintone,

The constancy of this product is thick and creamy nothing like i've ever tried before and the doe foot applicator is a great feature as you can keep it somewhat free from germs by applying to the back of your hand rather than straight onto the face.

The rest of the packaging not so great as the writing on the outside of the tube rubs off instantly and can make it look a tiny be tacky but i can live with that.

I can definatly not get away with keeping this on my face for a whole 16 hours (never gonna happen), 
that is because i have the infamous oily/combination skin, a little bit goes along way for me when it comes to covering my red angry blemishes. 
As opposed to if i were to overload blemished areas of my face with this product (especially on my oily t-zone) the concealer just seems to just sit on top of my skin making it look super cakey as it just doesn't want to blend, eventually if is does blend making my skin look flawless and imperfection free as soon as my face becomes oily again it just looks horrendous it seems to oxide and turn an orange'y colour making my face turn into patchy mess. 
Don't get me started on using it as a cover up under my eyes big no no.

But don't let my ramble put you off as it is great to cover up imperfections as its not drying and it doesn't leave your face looking horrible + flaky.

Other than all that i'm not totally impressed but on a whole its something i can get wear out of in the winter months when my face turns a little drier. It also comes in handy when used in moderation but less is definitely more when it comes to using, especially in the summer too! (Damn you oily skin!)

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19 for 10ml at Superdrug

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Collective Haul...

Thursday, 16 May 2013

 I'm heading to London in less than a month!! I can't wait so of course I needed to buy wanted some new shoes they are essential right? Well OK I maybe didn't need four pairs but a sale makes it that little be easier to part with my pennies. So for now I'm on a spending ban well sort of the New Look sale was too tempting but seriously its now started! No more spending..... (lets see how long this lasts)

Moccasins, Sandles and Tennis Shoes all from La Redoute

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter
Vintage Cosmetics Eyelash Curlers
Nib+Fab-Shine Fix / Spot Fix / Pistachio Body Butter
 Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Scrub

The Body Shop Facial Buffer
Rimmel Stay Matte Dual Concealer
The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter
The Body Shop Mango Body Mist

Primark Candle (Smells Delicious!) and it was a bargain at £2!

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ok, ok now I know the images aren't the best what with my Ipad sticking out like a sore thumb, but I don't have an actual camera so it's the best I can do for now, plus no-one actually knows about the little space I call my blog so asking someone to take a photo of my outfit would lead to an unnecessary long explanation so for now with bad quality images here is my first OOTD.

It was a casual kinda day, the sun was debating whether to make an appearance, guess what it didn't. So this is the outfit I wore just to post some eBay packages, have a noisy round town and pop to the bank!

 Khaki Waterfall Jacket: Ebay (orginally from dorothy perkins)
Blouse: H&M
Cropped Grey Cardigan: Primark
Scarf: The Beauty Closet run by BroganTate a youtuber/blogger!
Ripped Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Forever 21

 Hope you like the outfit. Something you don't know about me is I'm not one to always stick to trends I just wear what I feel comfortable in and although you may not think that scarf goes together with outfit, I like to totally clash colours and patterns just because I want to wear that particular accessory I am I the only one that does this ha?

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Invogue Feather Nail Effect On The Money Review

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Invouge's not a brand I've heard much of  before but after seeing these feather polishes feature on The Sunday Girl's Blog I just had to try one for myself.

Looking further into the brand they sell in selected Superdrug stores but if you haven't heard of Fragrance Direct (where have you been hiding for the past month!) you can actually pick them up on their site for an even cheaper price than what they already are!

My Invouge feather effect nail lacquer is called on the money, which is a bluey yellow speckled feather polish which also looks like a turquoise green in the bottle as the colours combine.
The formula is neither here or there slightly on the watery side (this is something you can see just from looking at the bottle) although saying that, looks can be deceiving because its surprisingly amazing considering the price. 

  The effect it gives looks great on my nails it did however take 3 coats for the whole nail to look reasonably covered so as you can guess they take a while to dry not the best if your in a rush!

I found it's great to layer onto top of coloured polish too as an accent nail or just to cover up a bad nail painting job ha.

Plus it's super easy to remove unlike those pesky glitter ones.

P.S they're some other shades available below such a great bunch of colours right?
 I love the look of Parakeet.
 (image taken from Google image||source link)
Jaye Bird,
On The Money,

These could defiantly be a dead ringer for the New Barry M Confetti Nail Effects released in July!
 (image used from Google images||source link)

You can purchase the Invouge Feather Effects and Invouge Nail Polishes over at (psst you can get FREE UK first class delivery too!)

Invouge Feather Effects 10ml for £3.49 at Superdrug or £2.49 at Fragrance Direct!

What do you think of the whole nail effects saga at the moment?

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Essie Fear & Desire Review

I recently purchased my first Essie nail polish and I have to say I'm super impressed, the formula is not so  wet or watery which is great if your a messy nail painter like myself, the brush coats my nails within two strokes and it only took ONE coat to be completely opaque.

 The drying time isn't all that bad either, plus as I bought mine from fragrance direct for around
£1.99 at a fraction of the price they normally are it's a complete bargain!

The colour's such a true orange I do love my brights and the name fear & desire just makes me love it even more.

 Now I just wish I'd of picked out more when they had a better colour selection but after trying this one I don't think I will turn my nose up at the £7.99 price in boots any more because if I dare say they seem so worth it!

Essie Nail Polish 13.5ml for £7.99 at boots.

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For me make up application isn't something I'm great at when it comes to perfecting my face but regardless I try my best to make myself/face look viewable to the naked eye just to spare anyone the fright of their lives.

So as I will have hopefully enjoyed the bank holiday weekend suffering with an almighty headache as this post uploads I thought why not share with you my face of the night and a sneak peek at my outfit!


Tools Used (L-R):
Elf Brush Wand - Remove excess mascara,
No7 Eyelash curlers,
No7 Blend & Contour brush - blended eye-shadow
Elf Powder Brush,
Elf Blush Brush,
Elf Stipple Brush - used with foundation

Face Products: 
Benefit They're real! Mascara,
Maybelline Colossal Waterproof Mascara,
Collection 2000 Longer Lash Mascara,
Elf Eyelid Primer in Sheer,
Sleek Chocolate Twist Eye Pencil,
Elf Black Waterproof Liner,
The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser,
Collection Concealer,
Bourjois Heathly Mix Foundation - great for my oily skin!
Eyes and Lips:
 Elf  Contorting Blush Duo,
Elf Eyebrow Kit,
NYC Eye-shadow Quartet in union square
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in on and on bronze,
Natural Collection Lip gloss - Fondant review!
Natural Collection Lipstick - Pink Mallow  

beccalouise oxox

Fragrance Direct Haul

Thursday, 2 May 2013

After seeing the Fragrance Direct Website doing its rounds in the bloggersphere I just had to have a noisy which resulted in me parting with my pennies but I did pick up some great bits so its not that bad!


Dainty Doll Cream Blush 002 (L)-Orange County Girl
Dainty Doll Powder 004 (R)-You Are My Sunshine

Revlon Vision Tweezer,
w7 Mega Matte Lips,
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick 005- Dreamer
Invogue Pro Formula Feather Effect- On The Money
First Essie Nail Polish! in the colour Fear & Desire, (love the name)

Just a few bargainous beauty bits I picked up recently what's your barginous buys of the year so far? 

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ELF £1.50 Waterproof Black Eyeliner Review

This review is long over due just because this product is pretty amazing for the price tag.

The product in question is the Elf Waterproof Black Liner it has a felt tip style applicator which isn't too big or too small making it great for eyeliner novices like myself, it has an intense black colour nothing like the MUA Extreme one review here! But the best part is the staying power of this it actually lasts! I'm so lucky to suffer from super oily/combination skin (NOT) so any make-up I apply to my face I want it to stay on my face not slide all the way down to my chin by the end of the day!

This is great for not smudging and lasts amazingly for nights outs and everyday wear, such a great product if your on a budget too I guess the waterproof factor plays a big part in the longativity of this liner, its easy to use/glide onto lid, I totally recommend it!

I've not worn the purple one just yet as it's defiantly not the dark purple I was expecting and unfortunately the tip broke as soon as i opened the packaging as you can see in the photo which makes it kind of difficult to apply.

ElF Waterproof Eyeliner 1.8g for £1.50 at eyeslipsface

(on the photos I did one eye a little thicker just show different way of how I wear it.)

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April Favourites

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

First up I've been suffering from really brittle nails and sadly my only long lasting nail broke a few days ago so this sapphire nail file (the type I prefer to use) I picked up on whim from Superdrug is the perfect tool, super handy to pop into my bag plus the little sleeve it comes in helps keep it protected too! 
 £1.49 at Superdrug,

This moisturiser is one I've used now for many years great for oily skin as the name would suggest simple oil balancing moisturiser a little mattifying and lasting moisture just what I look for and so it defiantly deserve to be in my April favourites. 
75 ml for £4.25 Superdrug/Boots,

My one and only eye make up remover, I remember I only bought the Garnier Essential 2 in 1 make-up remover because it was on offer, I've not looked at any other since it's that good. I find it just breaks down whatever products on my eye waterproof mascara too (this is due to the liquid technology you know the ones you shake to mix together), there's no horrible greasy residue left on my skin after use plus it doubles up as a face cleanser, so it'd be great if your a frequent traveller.
 £2.99 on offer at Boots 2 for £4,

Next the Aquaphor balm this was actually something I picked up after reading one of my many glossy mags but it turned out to be the wrong thing, but with a little Google and some trial and error on my part it's such a useful multi purpose product.
It's basically a lubricated oil so it's great for super dry skin but I like to use this after plucking my brows to soothe skin and once a week I slather it all over my face just to give it added moisture I remove from using scrubs most day's. Be warned a little goes a long way and yes you look like your ready to cook an egg on face it's that oily but the things you do always turn good in the end right?
Plus it's great for blisters + babys! 
40ml for £8.50 at Boots,

Another great essential product in my morning routine is the The Body Shop Pore Minimiser to blur my large pores and prevent blemishes the perfect balanced face primer for any skin type.
 30 ml for £7.50 at The Body Shop,
Now the weather's supposedly warming up I can't rely on my bobble hat to hide hair I should of washed the night before or when I'm just having a bad hair day so this amazingly wonderful product Batiste Dry Shampoo in the scent tropical (fave smell fyi) is now my best friend for the rest of the year until it becomes hat and scarf season again, let's not hope it's any time soon ha!
200 ml at Boots for £2.99.

Last of all as this is actually my first favourites posts why not add some random ones in too,

(image courtesy of Google images)

I love love love this album after hearing pompeii and listening to the album snippets on itunes I just had to have this on my ipod it's been playing non-stop for the past two weeks!

(image courtesy of Google images)

Now I know these aren't the healthiest breakfast option but there too good not to eat and being the big kid I am I will never stop eating them. Golden Nuggets are the best! YEEE HAA!!
(image courtesy of Google images)
Last of all EBAY! I'm currently selling some bits to save money for my London trip in June I do work but every little helps! And although I maybe good at selling things I've tried so hard to bid and buy things but somebody ALWAYS seems to beat me at the very last second, it's so frustrating but in the long run it saves me money so I won't complain.
What's your favourite thing of the month?

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