About Me

After reading blogs and watching beauty videos on YouTube for around four-five years now i thought i would start my very own blog!

I like all things beauty & fashion, 
I have very little confidence but I'm still going strong!
(Just About)

I am a girl with ghost white skin, ombre strawberry blonde hair,

combination-oily skin,

and a dog lover!

I'm 19 have passed my driving test and bought my first car! Woooo. 
I'm somebody who hasn't the foggiest of what i want to do with my life so for now I'm blogging and plodding along, so watch this space because once i know where I'm going i will be shouting it from the roof tops!
I also blog about all things beauty & fashion with little bits inbetween over at  wondercolourbehind a frosted window!

Please enjoy this blog and its contents because i am enjoying making it my very own.

Where we go nobody knows.

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