Nip+Fab Shine Fix Review.....Summer Essential

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Upon finding this product my face especially in the summer always looks like it has inches of oil seeping out of my pores.
 Now on a super hot busy day in summer this as much as i hate to admit is certainly what my face looks and feels like. (NOT a pretty sight i know.)

So as my skin is an oily disaster I'm always on the look out for new products to help combat my shine and not make me look like i can cook an egg on my face (or a Full English Breakfast in fact).

Usually i will use my Healthy Mix Bourjois foundation (life saving when it comes to reducing shine!)
But having a full face of makeup isn't something i always want to have particularly in warm weather so this is where the Nip + Fab Shine Fix Mattifying Gel becomes an essential product for myself.

Instead of the dreaded powder fix up making you look a lot worse than you actually did this product can change all that in an instant.

A light gel that removes + absorbs excess oil flow to control t-zone shine.
Shine Fix contains:
microsponges mattify + absorb excess surface oil
seboclear® purifies + deep cleans pores
nettle tones + balances skin

The product itself is a white coloured thin light and creamy gel that evaporates instantly once rubbed into the face where you have excess oil, it does for me take a few minutes for the full matte effect to show but its a perfect handy product to pop into your bag and use on the go as the packaging is lightweight as it is housed in a  white small tube.

Ive not tried it over make up because I'm sure it wouldn't be a pretty sight but you could also use it as part of your skin prepping stage and wear it under makeup to make it last that little bit longer.
I know this works a treat so for sunny makeup free days this could certainly be your oily skin savior (i no its one of mine). 

It's currently half price on the Nip+Fab website + you can get free standard UK delivery (well worth it if you ask me!)

Nip+Fab Shine Fix 15ml for £9.95

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