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Sunday, 29 July 2012

So i guess nearly everyone out there loves a lovely scented candle and i am defiantly part of that nearly everyone. So this post it just about what i keep my Yankee Candle samplers in, i have one of the small sized tumbler 198g's glass candles in the scent mango peach salsa which smells amazing full of fruity goodness. But at around £9.95  for just a candle it isn't something i want to spend my money on all the time.

So i decided to buy the samplers although they are slightly small there ideal if you want a burst of fragrance in 
the morning while you get ready, on a night too when your getting ready to go out or even just before you go to bed,this is what i use them for.i think the burn time on them is up to 4 hours i might be wrong but they do last a long time if i use them occasionally.

Onto what i burn them in, after buying a few of the samplers and just having them laying around my room doing nothing i decided to go and enqire on good old YouTube and my search was successful with many ideas of what to put them in. But i didn't want to spend a couple of pounds on actual tumbler drinking glasses so, on one of my very many trips to Primark looking in the home section i stumbled upon the purple glass candle holders there not perfect quality and have lumps and bumps on them but turned to a good side on your designated area, no-one will suspect a thing unless they pick them up.......

But the price tag is what got me, they were 50p EACH reduced from £1.50!!

What a bargain don't you think?

So 6 purple glasses house my candle's there a perfect fit but the only downside too them is just like all candles they burn straight down and this can leave the outer side of the candle unburned so once i blow out the flame i cut down the outer unburned candle so it falls into the hardening liquid wax and the candles then level making them ready to burn again when i come to use them.
 I also carefully peel the sticky label off and place it onto the front of the glass so i know what scent i'm burning be careful when doing this as it can easily lose it's stickyness or rip.

Do you have any tips or tricks for use with candles? 

(: x  


  1. Heyy I really enjoy reading your blog and just wanted to let you know that I nomitated your blog for the Liebster award. There's a link to my blog with the rules and an in depth explanation. Thank you, Claire xo.

    1. Hii thank you very much! lovely blog btw (:

  2. I got a couple of these yankee candles the other day I think they're amazing. I can't wait to buy the full sized ones. Mango Peach salsa sounds right down my street. I'm a bit scared to use candles now after I left one lit and locked myself out of the house. Worst experience ever!

    1. Aren't they just! Oh that candle smells so good there's another fruity one which is new called fruit fusion it's not as good but still a pretty amazing scent! Omg I bet it was! I'd be put off too x


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