Monday, 15 October 2012

As a nail polish addict i love to paint my nails but i don't get to do it that often due to work so i always jump at the chance when i'm off to put some colour and sparkle onto my hands (because who doesn't love a a bit of sparkle?)
These are the the polishes i used: 

Barry M Diamond Glitter 
Barry M All in One Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener 
No7 Stay Perfect Quick Dry Top Coat
Models Own Purple Passion 
Models Own Ibiza Mix
So on to the nails, i choose purple just cause i loveeeeee purple, it was the first time trying out the models own polishes too and i have to say why have i not bought any of these before!? The colour is opaque in just two coats with it only literally taking a few minutes for it dry, amazing! I decided to go with both glitter polishes as i was just trying the Ibiza mix out so i only used it on one nail. To top it all off i used my favourite topcoat by No7 a discovery made all from those oh so wonderful no7 boots vouchers i don't no what i'd do without it.

Just a little fact to finish with, it has taken me just over 2 years to be able to paint my nails 'properly' without painting the whole of my fingers and slapping so much on my nails they just end up in a smudged sloppy mess.
Crazy i know..

Do you love or hate glitter polish?

(: x


  1. Practice makes perfect! Great job)))

  2. Glitter polishes are my favourite! Love your nails :)x

  3. I'm loving all that glitter!
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo
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