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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Now having never really shopped at Asda it's crazy what I've missed out on.

Every now and then my Sundays are spent taking mum & my Nana round Asda to stock up on some essentials well not so much needed essentials its a lets see what we find kinda shopping trip. 
So after multiple visits i caved buying bits from their clothing range, not to forget the yummy raspberry + white chocolate muffins which are delicious by the way with a pot of tea after a hard days work. (It's the little things... bliss!)

Now all that rambles out of the way i'm writing this post just to highlight supermarket fashion & homeware have stepped up its game in recent years. I remember when wearing clothes not from new look or the likes was totally not cool, isn't that sad, how times change.


Collections for S/S14 are all the rage so these are a few pieces I've picked up for when summer decides to turn up, not forgetting my latest must have's to look out for!

P.S Is it just me but don't you feel less guilty putting a cardy in your basket with your strawberry's?

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