100 Day Spending Ban 2014

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


 I don't know what I'm doing or thinking writing this post but why not give it a go I've accumulated beauty products, make up & clothing bits throughout the last year which get put to one side and that half written draft just never ends up getting finished so with that in mind i will attempt a spending a ban.
The keyword in all this is 'ATTEMPT' having never done something like this before (because i have no will power at all) with the new year it seemed quite fitting to try something new not just a healthier diet!

So the rules i MUST stick too until the 11th of April 2014:

Don't buy any make up, beauty products or clothing items for 100 days,

Use products you own you have too many of them already,

Update weekly or fortnightly on progress,

Go at least 50 days without spending,

Save between £50-100 each month for a great future,

Spend only £30 on my weekly food shop essentials only!

Never want for anything only need if necessary. 

There's no particular reason for this ban other than i should start enjoying the things i own and stop buying just to buy.
On the other hand i would love to travel to new york, LA and the rest of the world at a push which is never going to happen with my shopaholic ways so all thats left to say is
let the spending ban begin wish me luck......

Ever succeeded in a spending ban before?
What did you save for if you did?

beccalouise ox 


  1. Such a nice post !! i Love the idea :) not to buy anything for 100 days ) i should try this too :) but i don't think i can keep up ...LOL But i really love the idea :) Happy new year doll !! would you like to follow each other on GFC and on Bloglovin :) xx

  2. thanks for the follow dear :) i am following you on GFC , bloglovin and on Google plus :) xx

  3. Hi, you have wonderful blog and great post, did we follow each other already? if not, would you like to follow each other? if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN, please let me know so I can follow you back! thank you.

    xoxo, J

  4. Wow amazing post I need to go on a spending ban also! :) you seem dedicated so I wish you luck and cant wait to hear how you get on x


    1. i like to think i am in reality not so much ha thanks i need it! (: xx

  5. This sounds like such a great idea! It must be hard though with Christmas sales around?! All the best with the ban, and we're looking forward to regular updates on how you're getting along!



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