Kleenex Oil Blotting Sheets Review ... Summer Essential

Sunday, 4 August 2013

These bad boys are a face saver when it comes to heading out in the summer weather or just in fact any weather if you're blessed with the almighty fantabulous combination/oily skin. So if your anything i like me I'm more often than not, on a search of products that will help keep my shine at bay.

Now this is where the Kleenex Oil Blotting Sheets make their worthy appearance these have been a staple in my bag ever since i picked them up on a whim at the beginning of June, to me this product is everything i could ask for.

 What they claim to do?

"Dab away excess oil and keep your make-up intact."

In all honesty this is true they're the best I've tried yet. 
They don't leave a residue of powder on skin, they come housed in a sturdy cardboard envelope (with a peel away sticker to help remove one sheet at a time from the pack as and when you need them.)
Also with the actual sheet being purple i was a bit skeptical in case they made my face turn a funny colour but i can say they defiantly don't transfer anything, other than taking away your excess oil away leaving you with a slightly matte shine free face. One of the many great things about this product too is they have a pretty floral design on one side while the other is a mattiyfied paper which does all the magic.
So you can blot in style.

A definite all year round handbag staple they also work a treat on a night out if you've been in a packed bar  etc. (Great to take for extra clutch bag space.)

Kleenex Oil Blotting Sheets x50 retailing at £2.99 from Superdrug/Tesco

What products do you use to combat your shiny skin?

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  2. I'm "blessed" with the fantabulous combination skin as well and my face often sweats (eek) xD So yes, they're a life saver haha

    1. Ha it totally sucks doesn't it! I'm glad you agree cause they are pretty good :) xx

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    1. Hi thank I will defiantly check out your blog! :) xx

  4. Hi! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check it out on my blog!

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  5. they work so well

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  8. I must try this product looks and sounds amazing thank you for sharing this!
    I really like your blog :) x

  9. Looks so cool! c: xx


    ps I followed you ehe :3

  10. I used to used blotting paper when I was younger but got out of the habit of it. These look super cute though and clearly work well :D Lovely blog btw, new follower x


  11. I have used these before and feel they work wonders great post x


  12. Oh wow! I may need to get a hold of some of these!
    follow me please :) http://katiesworld-ofbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/


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