Classic IV Professional GHD Styler

Sunday, 12 April 2015

GHDs were all the rage when i was younger (think plaited wet hair to wavy frizz central kinda times) back then you name it every girl maybe boy wanted some either that or their mums already owned a pair.

Fast forward 8 years, after going though a dozen well known high street brands from Babyliss to Remington. I now thought it was time for an upgrade.

So with one of the best beauty tools in the business that has been around for years along with the many upgraded versions on the market I stuck with the original classic pair with regular slim line short plates.

Compared to ones i used to use these work wonders for thick hair from giving me a sleek straightened style holding a curl, for the duration of my night or day.

The curved edge of the barrel helps make the perfect loose or tight curl too.
In an instant they heat up (30 seconds to be more precise) giving a beeping indication when they are ready to beautify your locks, giving a heat temperature of 230 degrees this does scare me a little so of course its common sense but always remember to use a heat defense spray to help prevent more damage than is necessary.

If you are looking for a pair of new straighteners, with the technology high street brands are bringing to the market there will always be that one question which one do i choose?

Taking that chance is something we have to do but in this day and age the possibility are endless so its super exciting to see what brands like GHD will come out with next.

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