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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

So as a person of the oh so wonderful oily/combination skin type (NOT!) i am always trying to find the perfect moisturiser for my skin. Although i haven't found my holy grail product just yet i'm half way there.....

What i want out of a moisturiser is well not that much but as my expectations are way too high it's hard too find something i love not just like. All i ask for is: something that actually gives long lasting moisture to dry skin + gives a slight matte finish where can i find one?

So i've tried many creams over the past years and two out of the seven above are the half way to perfect moisturisers.....  

Good Things Miracle Mattifier 100ml Lotion: This in my eyes is a love or hate product . It's a dislike, due too it's sickly scent so for me that wasn't a good start but all being well for the price of £7.99 it should do what it says? Sadly in my case it didn't i was still left with shiny skin, Mattifing you are not! So while i still use it i'm not a fan because it didn't do what it stated and the smell is just urghh, not something i want to smell in the morning but i'm not willing to waste money and just throw it in the bin so perseverance is key.
(It's on offer at boots with a 1/3 off the entire range if you want to try it yourself.)

Boots Shine Control Day Moisturiser: Surprisingly it moisturises but i've found it doesn't quite control my shine throughout the day but as it contains tea tree + witch hazel i use it as a 'night cream' to help fight my spots while sleeping definitely, worth a try for 2-3 pounds if they still sell it as this is the old packaging and i can't find it online. 

Clean&Clear dual action Moisturiser: I really wanted to love this but after using it for a while my skin got a little too use to it which resulted in me having massive break outs which is what it's suppose to prevent. While it worked i felt i benefited from the moisturiser but my look ran out unfortunately :(. 
(There's a deal on at boots 2 for £5 pound!)

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser: I'm a fan of Neutrogena skincare so when this was on offer i thought i'd give it ago. I'm so glad i did, for me this isn't something i can use everyday due to the slight thick constancy of the cream as i feel it clogs up my skin but with it's long lasting moisture and spot fighting properties with a claim of evening out your skin tone mixed in too (not really noticed that) for £4.60 at full price you can't go wrong. P.S although it's oil-free, not so mattifing (but it doesn't claim to be).

Nivea Visage Daily Essentials For Oily & Combination Skin: This is quite heavily scented with a smell that's tolerable of lemongrass this is the only downside for me i find it way too perfumed. Moistursing wise it's lasting but doesn't really do much for me where my shines concerned for the price i payed from bodycare it's worth it i guess.       

Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser: This works wonders and is one of my all time favourites believe it or not it does what it stats on the bottle, by controlling  my shine for up to 3 hours and moisturising long throughout the day i can't love it any more it's a must have for oily skin types and so worth £4.27 (its on offer at superdrug for £3 at the moment!) 

Botanics Mattifing Gel Cream Shine Away: I love love love this stuff after wanting to buy the Clinique  Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel this is my cheap alternative although ive never tried it (one day i will ha) i can't compare but again it does what it says on the box with a lovely citrus scent it makes a great moisturiser for £4.99( it's on offer for £3.33 at boots!) I do have a downside though the packaging isn't so great but how does that saying go 'don't judge a book by it's cover or in this case until you've tried it!

What's your Holy Grail Moisturiser?
Have you tried the Clinique Dramatically Different Gel Moisturiser?

(: x

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