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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

So there's an amazingly generous competition being held by moneysupermarket called Passion For Fashion in which you have to create 5 outfits fitted to different themes (casual, work, party,outdoor and office wear) all for £200 or under it may sound easy but be sure to check the link for the rules and the additional info!
Onto my Entry.....
Outfit #2 Casual
Casual for me is a simple pair of jeans slightly dressed but has to be totally comfortable, comfort it always on top of my list and with this outfit i feel i have created this. With the Aztec jumper it adds a little bit of something something to an otherwise bland look, the collar also gives it some edge along with the stacked bracelets and the ankle boots too. Last of all the bag would be practical for everyday use as well as looking girly and cute. 

Collar -Topshop- £15.00

 Boots -NewLook- £27.99
Jeans -Topshop- £38.00 
Bag -RiverIsland- £35.00
Bracelet -Topshop- £20.00
Braclet -Topshop- £14.00
Jumper -NewLook- £37.99  
Total: £187.98

PassionForFashion Party Outfit #1
Again i like simple so it's not over the top or too dressy just enough for a classy party.
A favourite of mine is the blue dress as i feel blue compliments fair skin like my own, what's even better is it has a dipped hem but not only that (it has chiffion'y sides which would help to disguise wide hips bouns!) Moving on from the dress the accessories are kept to a minimum because i'm just not an over user of them but the shoes have studding detail on which tie in well together with the orange and gold accents making it an easy to outfit to wear.

Dress -RiverIsland£30.00
Shoe -Newlook£29.99
Watch -ASOS/RiverIsland£20.00
Clutch -Newlook£9.99
Earrings -ASOS£15.00
Total:  £104.98

Outfit #3
I'm not much of an outdoors'y kinda person (although i go outside everyday ha) but with nature, not such much so taking 'outdoor' i made it into an outfit i think relates sightly with the earthy tones, layering and warmth. Overall i love this outfit, with the all-in-one (probably not ideal in an emergency!) to the jumper which i would wear oversized, to the union jack wellies to the amazing faux leather sleeve jacket! Also i had to add the river island bag as i'm a fan of that style of bag and the fact i had no 'budget left' for a backpack ha.

All in One -Topshop£25.00
Jumper -NewLook£12.99
Dem Hem Top -RiverIsland£25.00
Sleeve Jacket -NewLook£44.99
Bobble Hat -Topshop£14.00
Wellies -Republic£25.00
Knee Socks -Topshop£6.00
Bag -RiverIsland£35.00
Ring Trio -Topshop£10.00
Total: £197.98


Work Outfit #4
So i found this look the most challangeing as i have no idea what would be appropriate in an office/smart job. So staying away from the white blouse black pant combo i decided to go with black and black ha. Leggings to me are for more casual/comfy attire but saying that these are slightly more smart like with wet look side panels and paired with right things they look fit for purpose. Onto the top it's simple but works (after putting this look together i now realise it's quite sheer so i'd defiantly wear something under it). With this look the blazer gives it the oomph it needs, a bright in your face colour which ties in well with the shoes, earrings, rings and that expensive looking bag. Oh the nails give it that extra bit of colour too! 

Leggings -Topshop£20.00
Blazer -H&M£29.99
Shoes -Newlook£15.99
Models Own -ASOS£5.00
Earrings -Topshop£6.50
Bag -H&M£29.99
Blouse -Republic£25.00
Total: £132.47

First Date
Outfit #5

The last look, one of my favourite's especially for a first date i think this outfit is acceptable not to much but it shows you've made effort (always a good thing i guess ha). I love love love this cardigan it's great for the autumn and even winter months if you layer quite a lot, but i think it makes this outfit more relaxed rather than having a fitted jacket. The dress again is blue, a colour i like for my skin tone i accessorized it with a contrasting belt which breaks it up from the neutral side of colours from the cardigan and those shoes. I was in two minds wheather to choose flats or wedges but as long as you keep your balance you shouldn't fall over and make a fool of yourself (finger crossed ha!) Onto the most expensive item in this outfit the bag expensive but so worth it as i feel it just brings everything together.

Bag -Debenhams£65.00
Belt -Topshop£12.00
Necklace -ASOS£12.00
Cardigan -NewLook£19.99
Bird Dress -NewLook£14.99
Total: £158.98

Hope you like my oufits!

What do you prefer comfy/causal or dressy/smart?

(: x

All imagery taken from Polyvore


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