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Sunday, 23 September 2012

So over the past 2 weeks i've bought a few bits and a few more, preparing for the lovely cold weather after our non-existent summer.......

I'm loving oversized jumpers at the moment and i'm defiantly sure there will be more being purchased soon (you can never have to many jumpers!) The first is from Dorothy Perkins it was a must after seeing it in store styled with a collar popping out the top, not only that the colours just put a smile on my face (weird i know) also on the back it has buttons like the popper kind which spruces it up a little, it retails for £25.00 (so not worth!) However i got it for £15.00 (: a slight bargain if a do say so myself. (it's on sale for £17.00 now though link!)
Next up a boxy see-through pale pink jumper from New Look simple but very me and for £14.99 minus a few pounds with student discount why not.
The blue one is from good old Primark again it's slightly see-through due to the knitted/crochet style but i wont be bearing my all to the world so i bought a few basic coloured strap tops from Primark to not only cover up but to add some colour to an otherwise boring outfit.

Back to New Look ooo i'm in love with this jumper it's nothing special but i like.. a lot ha, it's bat winged with little silhouettes of birds scattered all around it was £22.99 (minus a few pounds for student discount).
Just a basic green great fitting t-shirt which was £6.99 . 
I like america and that's partly why i bought it, not just that though i saw it styled with a blazer which looked super cute but.... i don't own a blazer (LOL) it was though only £7.99.

Essential pair of lounge around the house PJ bottoms for £5,
An uneeded, just had to have new purse with raised heart and studded detail for £4, 

These were on my wishlist the other week and i guess there no longer wished for but do they live up to my expectations keep a look out for my thoughts/review.
I ordered online from Origins (exellent Delivery service btw) and i got to choose 3 Free Deluxe Samples!
Checks and Balances Frothy Face wash (it smells just like a Mojito!) 
GinZing Eye Cream
VitaZing Moisturizer
Another plus the package smelt delicious! 

Montagne Jeunesse Face mask (how do you even say that?) never tried them before so i'm hoping its good for 89p. 
Rose Water this is supposed to help with oily skin/ acne scars so the person in Holland and Barrett said so i will be using this as a toner or you can put it in cakes..........

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser i hope this works its £7.50 but with the many sales online at the moment i got it for around 3-4 pounds. I also got the facial buffer a little cheaper too.
I long for the Models own Ibiza Mix but it's never stocked in my boots grrrrrr so i picked up the "kind of equivalent" that would be Techinc's Carnival for 99p.

Speaking of Models Own Like there Facebook Page so we can all get 50% off most of there website if they get 100,00 likes! (:

Hope you like my recent buys, 

Sorry for some of the shoddy photos.........

Whats your favourite recent buy/bargain?

(: x

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  1. love that ombre knit! super cool! xo
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