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Thursday, 29 August 2013

After hearing that clink from the letterbox your always intrigued to see what's just arrived.
Well this was defiantly one of those moments once i saw the infamous Avon Brochure land right on my doorstep.

 Even as a child that little book filled with goodness has always excited me especially when you get to rub your hands on the perfumed pages (amazing invention, i still always have to have a cheeky rub to this day) but now as an elder person, 18 to be precise, its nice to be able to browse throughout the whole book with a little knowledge of what everything is for and not just be confined to the ColourTrend pages as mum wouldn't buy me any of the 'expensive grown ups makeup'.

Oh the memories, anyway moving on to what you actually came here for...

Avon Nailwear+ Nail Enamel in the colour shades, Sea Breeze (mint green), Divine Lime.

Upon getting my hands on these polishes i fell in love with the Divine Lime colour instantly its defiantly screams summer to me and with the added shimmer running throughout it certainly adds a glamorized finish to your nails. 
Just to point out its not 'in yo face' super shimmery but once your nails catch the light its noticeable.

As with the Sea Breeze polish this shade of green looks prefect even with my fair skinned colouring and for me this is the go too colour for a day in the sunshine or a holiday abroad! 
Something that I've noticed too is that it has a glossy finish once dried so if your in a rush, a topcoat isn't necessarily needed unless of course you want to prolong the wear, but for each of these nail enamels they both dried super quickly and needed 2-3 coats depending if you waited completely for it dry before reapplying also they lasted around 6 days before starting to look chipped and tatty, what more could you ask for!?

Avon Nail Enamel Nailwear+ 12ml For £6.00 Currently on OFFER 1/2 Price!

Have you got any favourites by Avon?

beccalouise ox


  1. I love the Sea Breeze color! So pretty. I think I might break down and buy some!



    1. it really is! considering i want to start a spending ban I'd discourage you but what the heck they're half price you defo should buy some ha! (: xx


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