Yankee Candle Haul

Sunday, 25 August 2013

So as my mums birthday was recently, buying a Yankee Candle was an obvious gift choice so with a shop full of amazing candles and wayy too much temptation i didn't just purchase a present for mum.
 I may have also made a naughty treat purchase for myself (who cares about paying for car insurance right?!)

 So fresh is the Fireside Treats with a home'y food'y scent i can definitely imagine a fire in the woods camping toasting marshmallows, (cringing so bad because of all the creepy crawlies ahh bliss.)

This scent Bahama Breeze reminds me so much of past holiday's so with the last of the sun making an appearance i just had to have it!

 This Summer Scoop candle literally smells good enough to eat simply delicious,

These scents were one of the first Yankee Candles i ever bought so at a £1 each i couldn't just leave them  smelling full of fruity goodness.
Whats your fave Yankee Candle scent?

beccalouise oxo


  1. i absolutely love yankee candles!



    1. Me too! There good aren't they, what's your fave scent? :) xx

  2. Ah I'm such a sucker for Yankee Candles- they smell amazinggggg! I love the Summer Scoop one and also have my eye on the November Rain and Strawberry Buttercream ones too!

    Jess //GingerlyPale

    1. They really do, Ooo I smelt the November rain one I'm not a massive fan but you defiantly should try the strawberry buttercream, it's good enough to eat ha! Xx

  3. Oh my goodness, Mango Peach Salsa and Bahama Breeze are my two favourite Yankee Candles in the world! If one runs out I have to repurchase them because I love them so much :')

    1. Ha oh my they smell to good don't they i can't believe I've never tried the Bahama one before I think I will be doing the same when it runs out too! Lovely blog btw (: xx

  4. I love Yankee candles! I recently found 2 stores that sell some and I’ve been crazy looking for more and more ahahah. Specially because now it’s Christmas, the new scents are arriving and it gets me even more pumped! I got some already and hopefully I’ll get some of the more popular ones. I also got some of what you got!
    Lovely post! c: x



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