Primark, New Look + Boots Haul

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Were yet again after another spontaneous shopping trip, it doesn't matter how much i try to defend myself i will never be able to stop shopping even though i realllllllyyyyyy need too. (car tax, insurance and MOT ain't gonna pay itself!) I hate being a grown now i actually have bills to pay!

But its not all bad i got offered a new job after i went for an interview last week so of course that meant i needed to update my wardrobe a little before i start as i no longer have to wear a uniform yayyyyyy!

The places i purchased from are Primark, New Look and Boots + i found some poundshop beauty buys enjoy......

Works wonder for my oily skin and makes the best make up base I've tried.

 I've not got round to using this just yet but I'll be sure to share my thought once i do.
I actually picked up this bargain Barbour style New Look Jacket from eBay for just £5 and its in perfect condition!

Next up is a dress i ordered online from the New Look Sale as I'm going to my first 'proper' wedding this weekend and this dress is perfect (the green goes well with my pale skin colouring too)
 £49.99 reduced to £25.00

Some bargainous OPI finds from the poundshop + a Collection Gel Polish from boots cant wait to try it out i got this while on offer for £2.50

This Primark Top was paired with a blazer and green jeans i just looked like a perfect office/casual look,
so i of course bought it for a measly £4.00.
 I just need to find some green jeans that fit now!

You can never go wrong wearing a blazer to smarten things up in the work place and it was £15 reduced to £10 also from Primark.

I actually found my winter coat without even trying, i'm a big fan of this khaki colour and the length is just perfect (covers your decency just enough ha) so i just bought it there and then because knowing my luck they'd all be gone by the time i could get back to the store. Does anyone else have this amazing luck!?
Primark Winter Coat £25.00

I love the pattern on these skinny jeans and they look alright on if i do say so myself, eventhough they are from Primark the jean quality is surprisingly great considering the £11 price tag.

Nearly there.....
There's currently been an offer at boots where to can get two Revlon Products for just £10 each,
I can't remember how much these were separately but i know that i saved £7.99!

You can see in the image below the sparkly nail polish more clearly with the flash on.

 Last of was a top again from Primark for just £3 or £4 but the best thing about is it says American Dream
so fitting considering my dream is to travel around America so i obviously had to buy.

Leave your links to your recent haul posts below I'd love to see what you've been buying recently!

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beccalousie xoxo


  1. The revlon lash potion masacara is amazing!x

    1. i know it really is! makes my lashes look soooo good (: xx

  2. Wish I could find OPI in the pound shop! Jealous!

    Now following <3

    Amelia x

  3. Hey, I love your blog! I also love the revlon lash potion mascara! Would you be interested in putting my badge on your blog and in return I'll put yours on mine? :) xxx

  4. Wow the OPI polishes are such a steal at £1! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog, and you can see the questions here


  5. I've nominated you for the Liebster award

  6. Great haul!!! :D

    I just found your blog and am a new follower! :D

  7. Great purchases! I'm loving the aztec print jeans!

    xx Bo


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