Long Time No Speak.... + AMAZING DISCOUNT CODE

Saturday, 19 October 2013

So i know when you disappear for a while there's always the short paragraph for reasons excuses so here's mine and this is where Ive been......

New job love it but I'm not sure it loves me as much, the loss of internet for two weeks killed me (not literally obvs) and just having 0% motivation to sit down + write didn't help either.
  Last of all life was just getting in the way so i apologise but thank you for my new followers THANK YOU! I'll be sure to reply to comments you lovely people have let me too!
Be sure to stick around because I'm not going anywhere soon....

So before i leave to get some posts cooked up i just wanted to let you know about a great discount i recently discovered if you've ever heard of La Redoute get on their website now because there's a bloody brilliant discount code that's flying around! 

Sadly i missed out this time which I'm not to happy about but hey ho i still got myself some new clothes for my new job! HAUL COMING TOMORROW...

 It gives you 30% off absolutely everything in the catalog including all the super duper expensive brands but just not sale stuffs and there's free delivery if you spend £75 or more take advantage cause its only going till Sunday midnight!!  
 hello new converse + new winter coat....

Thanks for sticking with me!

beccalouise oxox

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