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Saturday, 7 February 2015

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Resolutions are definitely something i will never be able to stick to as they're broken before they've begun. However goals are there to be reached, so this year no matter how late it may be with goals which are achievable in reach, determination is key but something i don't seem to have enough though i guess that's a goal in itself to conquer.
No matter how big or small put your mind to it to fulfill your life goals & dreams. 


- Finish reading the books I've over the last year,

- Don't buy any more nail polishes.

- Loose my desired 2 stone, to fit finally into & feel good in swimsuit.
(7lb down already!)

- Stick to swimming and not waste the membership i pay for!

- Change up my hairstyle.

- Conquer driving on the motorway.

- Get back to blogging regularly.

Last of All

- Save upto (at least) £2500 to help get me to New York in 2016.

Little by little i'm 100% sure this list is going to increase over time but for now working on things that can make the biggest difference is what i'm aiming for. 

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