John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray 'My Thoughts'

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

After um'ming and ar'ring for sometime about whether to dye my ginger hair a light shade of blonde i put it off and off ,until i discovered the John Frieda Lightening Spray through the blogging world.

It states you can use it to lighten the hair allover, for do-it- yourself highlights and root blending, all this for £6.99 don't mind if i do.  

It doesn't dye your hair as such but it definitely lightens, so from the day i purchased this product i had my fingers crossed it would work, but i made a slight error by using a WHOLE bottle within a week to 10 days which on my part was just a tiny bit stupid. Around this time missbudgetbeauty had done a review and told of her dealings with the product link! After reading this post it really put it into perspective what i was actually putting onto my hair and i obviously after buying two more bottles reduced the amount of times i use this. But the crazy thing was although from a bit of dryness/brittleness nothing major happened and it was nothing a bit of the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends 5 Minutes Hair Mask couldn't sort out.

Also with this spray i found it can leave a feel of product build up at the roots if i have over sprayed but aside from that i use this every now and again after i have washed my hair when i feel i need it, it does what it says and i guess you don't necessarily have to have blonde hair to make it go slightly lighter, the results are quite  instant too, other than that there's not much fault i can give this product so it's worth a try. 

As you can see from the picture above my hair has turned a light shade of blonde it's not completely blonde but the change is visible, as a comparison to my natural hair colour i used an effect in the bottom left photo as i couldn't find a clear one.

Have you had any disastrous encounter with this product?
Would you try it giving the many other mixed reviews it has?



  1. Wow this has really changed your hair to a much lighter colour. My hair is quite dark but I have been thinking lately that I may go lighter :)

    Tanesha x

  2. It really has, you should try it see what happens but have a backup plan if it all goes wrong ha , your blog's lovely btw thanks for leaving the link! x

  3. I use this on the ends of my hair for my ombre, so far I haven't seen much of a difference, but judging from the change in your hair I should give it more of a chance. I can't believe you used a bottle in a week that's crazy.

    1. You should keep using it, it defiantly works I no I was so desperate for my hair to go lighter and not having to pay for a hairdresser to do thank god it didn't ruin my hair! X

  4. I've found that it works even on brunettes with highlights. This is what happened when I used it on my hair:


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