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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Calling out to all you keen shoppers you know who you are. 
Everyone out there is tightening their purse strings due to the economic climate and treating yourselves is probably becoming quite non existent? Well keep reading to see if anything can be done about it.

So online shopping by the time you've got your chosen items and clicked checkout after hours of browsing and virtual money spending there's always the BOX asking have you got a promotional code? 
The answer is probably not, in my case especially so i will then do a quick search in Google trying to find just one code but to no avail i buy my items and no savings will have been made.
 How sad :(, but wait a minute i'm here entering a great competition FashionVouchers.Com are running for someone like you and i to win a whoppingly generous £300 pounds! (Check out the link for rules etc.)

So enjoy the wondercoloured fashion friendly saving websites below! 

The money saving expert website is self explanatory really, it helps you save money on anything and everything making it an essential site for everyday use. They have worth while deals on fashion sites but also for high street stores too which enables you to save even if you can't shop online! You save by using the codes they provide and the printable vouchers. This is a favourite of mine i can literally spend hours browsing on there every week! A great thing about it too is there's no necessary sign up clause which is always a bonus so go check it out!

This is a time saver not so much a money saving website but basically it's the middle man between individual online retailers as you can browse 52 stores in a click of a mouse. Eg: I have searched for Biker Jackets as you can see in the image, the end results are instant which is pretty impressive making it very efficient you can also specify your needs by changing the price range and colours etc. But does going to individual sites really bother you?  

                                                                      3.Ebay Ebay Ebay  
Ebay is the one stop shop to put a smile on anybodys face whatever mood your in with the bargins you can pick up, but this makes for a very unhealthy bank balance (or is that just me ha).
Ebay's just a multipurpose website where you can find pretty much everything in dupes like designer bags, shoes, dresses i could go on and on but just a word of warning, always be careful if it looks to good to true it probably is! The fashion outlet is worth checking out too although items can still be sightly pricey.  
This is a new discovery, how have i not found this before! It's a website full of useful promotional codes for various savings on sites like New Look, Boots, Debenhams, Urban Outfitters and many more. Very essential for all you fashion savvy people. Also there's no need to sign up to anything to get the actual codes, it's only if you want the weekly newsletter!

Again this is a new discovery (where have these websites been hiding?) It has the same concept of many other websites where you get a code for a particular online store which then enables you to get a great discount and save a few pounds on the items you are buying. It has useful codes to use but there not necessarily at store's i would buy from but its still worth checking out. 
This website is basically full of private sales of designer clothing, bags, shoes etc, all from well made brands which have some amazing savings if that's what your interested in. But the private sales require you signing up to the site which isn't a big deal if your not overly bothered but it says on the site there's a new outlet which requires no sign up to view so it's worth a look at the lovely items on sale.

                                                                 A few Extras...
Shop around there's deals to be had anywhere! 

Subscribe to websites directly to get up to date information on deals!

Think, is what your buying an essential? (of course everything you buy is?)

Be the first in line for end of season sales both in store or online!

Shop in Charity Shops and local discount stores!

Try to make the clothing items you buy multi-purpose,

Everything5Pounds- Womens Fashion Everything's £5 pounds!
PriceRunner-Price Compare website for pretty much anything
Uni Days!-For people in Uni!
DaybreakDeals- Another Voucher and code find! (another addition to the site Link!)
DiscountcCoder.Com- Two UK based women bloggers telling you about how to get the best out of your money on everything!
Vouchercloud and Groupon-Discount saving websites.

Hope you enjoyed! 

What are your money saving tips?!

(: x


  1. This post was really awesome, i love getting a good bargain and i loved your ideas, love the blog, i'm a new follower and can't wait for more posts, xxx

    1. Hi, thank you glad you enjoyed, they'll be some up soon! :) xx

  2. I'm always on the look out for a good bargain, you've got loads of great ideas :) x


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