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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

This came in the oh so wonderful Soap & Glory best of all gift set and i was so eager to buy it after numerous times of browsing it on my many trips to boots but i am so glad i didn't.

Its not a horrible product, the colour pay off is really good it's a nice light rose pink colour that has a scent of chocolate cherry which is ok i guess it's not enjoyable but it's not off putting either.

The thing however that i find off putting is the bee sting sensation the whole point of this lipgloss! 
How the heck can anyone stand that feeling, i apply it everything's fine then it starts and after about 30 seconds it has to come off because i just can't take it any longer.

To who ever wears these on a daily basis how'd you do it? 

However saying all that i'm glad i tried the pucker gloss as it's a fun product to share with friends and have fun with. 
But other than that its, defiantly not my cup of tea but i will try and stick it out to see the plumping benefits and how long it actually tingles for all i need now though is to be more brave.

The one i have is called Punch Bowl, try you dare!

Have you ever tried lip plumping products what are your thoughts?

Becca :) x

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