Loverdose Diesel

Sunday, 10 February 2013

After about a year or so of smelling this perfume i finally decided it had to be mine. It's been around for quite some time, but now it's finally mine. Diesel Loverdose in my eyes is much more of a mature scent for myself.....

As i'm the kind of girl who sticks to scents full of sweet, citrus'y fruity goodness.
 I like to try new things so this defiantly appeals to me as it's not totally different to others i use. 
So the best way for me to describe this is it's, earthy, woody, sweet orange'y with i feel a hint of floral'ness going on once it's settled onto clothing and skin. 
The names quite fitting considering that doom depressing day is looming upon us (valentines day!) and although the website description feels you with hope and a chance that you WILL have a line of attractive men trailing behind you i wouldn't be able to say that's 
happened but one day most likely in my dreams....

Moving swiftly on, i love this Eau de Parfum and it's so worth a sniff next time your out doing some shopping. I purchased the 30ml bottle from boots at £32.40 as they have 10% off selected fragrances at the moment, but if you fancy something a little lighter they also do this in a Eau de Toilette version with a slightly different scent which is just as good but i just preferred this one.
Also it's staying power is great it fizzles out throughout the end of the day but the scent is still detectable which is a bonus! 

What's your all time favourite signature scent? 

Becca :) x

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