Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Crimson Review

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I'm not one to wear crazy in your face lip colours but on yet another trip to boots during their 3 for 2 deal, I picked up one of the Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipsticks in Crimson.

These are great budget lipsticks so worth the £1.99 price tag, but there are some defiant downfalls.
The packaging isn't great the lipstick bullet inside feels slightly loose and well trying to apply it is a whole new ball game. Use any pressure and it's a goner as I found out with another I purchased at the same time in the colour pink mallow (review coming soon.) 

Moisture Shine Lipstick
'high shine lipstick that gently moisturises the lips'

But surprisingly the pigmentation is amazing for the price, i'd say it was a true red colour, that stays on for up-to 2 hours before you need to look in the mirror to reapply, I found it to be opaque and even in two applications also it gives a really nice sheen to lips as well as great moisturising benefits it's not too drying but not too greasy/wet that it feels uncomfortable to wear, there can be little bleeding of colour if you pack too much onto the lips but other than that I will be checking out some of the other colours they have offer!

£1.99 Natural Collection Lipstick in Crimson at Boots     
They don't sell online but if your in the uk check out boots!      

     P.S This is the lipstick above with a lip gloss from natural collection on top I reviewed here!

becclouise xoxo


  1. Love natural collection! Great blog xx

    1. Me too such a great affordable brand with a few hidden beauties! Thank you and thanks for following! :) x

  2. love those shades.Will be eagerly waiting for more.

    My Blog :- Nature Health Secrets

    And will love to hear from you. Would you like to follow each other?

    1. love this shade such a great colour to wear! I wrote another review if you'd read it (: x


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