MUA Extreme Felt Eyeliner Black Review

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Upon purchasing the MUA Eyeliner I thought this would be a great alternative for my ELF Black Liner something that's easier to pick up and for just 50p more I couldn't wait to try it!


 Now for me this product seemed exciting it has a large tip which looks super intensely black just what I was looking for. Then I applied it, the colour turned out a black'y/grey, it was slightly difficult to apply and achieve any sort of colour pay off to begin with as the pointed nib was quite stiff while the bottom of it was squishy. Also it was hard layering the colour to make it any darker! This product is certainly not my cup of tea, when something described as black I actually want it to be BLACK not a faded grey colour. For the price of £2 I suppose I shouldn't complain too much but considering other liners just as cheap as this one it's just not for me.

Do you prefer an intense black liner and what's your holy grail eye product!? 

MUA Extreme Liner 1.2ml for £2 at Superdrug 

beccalouise xoxo


  1. I've always used collection 2000 Fast stroke eyeliner which is a really intense black, I think its £2.99 or something like that. I can imagine this being difficult to use, especially if you have to layer it up. Not good.

    1. I haven't tried any from collection I guess it's an excuse to go into boots and spend some more money!, yeah it's a little disappointing not the best I've tried but it was only £2 so it didn't break the bank which is good x


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