Natural Collection Lipstick Pink Mallow Review

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Now the colour pink mallow screams me, it's defiantly my go to lip colour, it's a great neutral pink and what's even better is the £1.99 price tag the Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipsticks are great for someone on a budget or if your just experimenting with a pop of colour.

However they're some tiny downfalls nothing major, the packaging is so so nothing great I guess and with this lipstick bullet in-particular it is a little loose and rattles but other than that I couldn't fault it.

But something I learned is don't use too much pressure when using it as the bullet will break and plop on the floor (thankfully i took the picture before this happened) it is still use-able as I saved it but be warned!

Moisture Shine Lipstick
'high shine lipstick that gently moisturises the lips'
As for the colour it's surprisingly pigmented which is amazing for the price, the perfect pink colour in my eyes, that stays on for up-to 2 hours before you need to look in the mirror to reapply, I found it to be opaque and even in two applications also it gives a really nice sheen to lips as well as great moisturising benefits it's not too drying but not too greasy/wet that it feels uncomfortable to wear, there can be little bleeding of colour if you pack too much onto the lips but other than that I will be checking out some of the other colours they have offer!
£1.99 Natural Collection Lipstick in Pink Mallow at Boots     
They don't sell online but if your in the UK check out boots!    

P.S This is the lipstick above with a lip gloss from natural collection on top I reviewed here!
P.P.S. If you haven't already read my other review of a different lip colour from this range then here's the link.
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  1. I'm really into pink lippy's at the moment. For £1.99 as well, bit annoying that it broke though.

    1. Me too its such an easy shade to wear! Oh I know I had a mini heart attack when It did cause I'd only just bought it at least I managed to save it though ha x

  2. I've never tried any pink shades from the Natural Collection before. I did however try some nudes but they all made me look like I was dead.

    This looks like a gorgeous shade - well done on saving it! Lol.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. You should pick some up! Looking dead is defiantly not a good look ha, thanks lol :) x

  3. Such a great colour! I like it! : )


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