April Favourites

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

First up I've been suffering from really brittle nails and sadly my only long lasting nail broke a few days ago so this sapphire nail file (the type I prefer to use) I picked up on whim from Superdrug is the perfect tool, super handy to pop into my bag plus the little sleeve it comes in helps keep it protected too! 
 £1.49 at Superdrug,

This moisturiser is one I've used now for many years great for oily skin as the name would suggest simple oil balancing moisturiser a little mattifying and lasting moisture just what I look for and so it defiantly deserve to be in my April favourites. 
75 ml for £4.25 Superdrug/Boots,

My one and only eye make up remover, I remember I only bought the Garnier Essential 2 in 1 make-up remover because it was on offer, I've not looked at any other since it's that good. I find it just breaks down whatever products on my eye waterproof mascara too (this is due to the liquid technology you know the ones you shake to mix together), there's no horrible greasy residue left on my skin after use plus it doubles up as a face cleanser, so it'd be great if your a frequent traveller.
 £2.99 on offer at Boots 2 for £4,

Next the Aquaphor balm this was actually something I picked up after reading one of my many glossy mags but it turned out to be the wrong thing, but with a little Google and some trial and error on my part it's such a useful multi purpose product.
It's basically a lubricated oil so it's great for super dry skin but I like to use this after plucking my brows to soothe skin and once a week I slather it all over my face just to give it added moisture I remove from using scrubs most day's. Be warned a little goes a long way and yes you look like your ready to cook an egg on face it's that oily but the things you do always turn good in the end right?
Plus it's great for blisters + babys! 
40ml for £8.50 at Boots,

Another great essential product in my morning routine is the The Body Shop Pore Minimiser to blur my large pores and prevent blemishes the perfect balanced face primer for any skin type.
 30 ml for £7.50 at The Body Shop,
Now the weather's supposedly warming up I can't rely on my bobble hat to hide hair I should of washed the night before or when I'm just having a bad hair day so this amazingly wonderful product Batiste Dry Shampoo in the scent tropical (fave smell fyi) is now my best friend for the rest of the year until it becomes hat and scarf season again, let's not hope it's any time soon ha!
200 ml at Boots for £2.99.

Last of all as this is actually my first favourites posts why not add some random ones in too,

(image courtesy of Google images)

I love love love this album after hearing pompeii and listening to the album snippets on itunes I just had to have this on my ipod it's been playing non-stop for the past two weeks!

(image courtesy of Google images)

Now I know these aren't the healthiest breakfast option but there too good not to eat and being the big kid I am I will never stop eating them. Golden Nuggets are the best! YEEE HAA!!
(image courtesy of Google images)
Last of all EBAY! I'm currently selling some bits to save money for my London trip in June I do work but every little helps! And although I maybe good at selling things I've tried so hard to bid and buy things but somebody ALWAYS seems to beat me at the very last second, it's so frustrating but in the long run it saves me money so I won't complain.
What's your favourite thing of the month?

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beccalouise xoxo


  1. Batiste is a great product!

    Kimberley x


    1. it is such a life saver in emergencies isn't it! x

  2. Batiste and Golden Nuggets - you're like me! ahahah:) I love both of them! lovely blog hun, followed!
    would absolutely love it if you could check out my blog?

    - Hannah xoxo

    1. Ha your comment made me laugh I'm glad I'm not the only one! thanks for following, you've got a lovely blog too, I've been looking for new blogs to read I followed! (: xx


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