ELF £1.50 Waterproof Black Eyeliner Review

Thursday, 2 May 2013

This review is long over due just because this product is pretty amazing for the price tag.

The product in question is the Elf Waterproof Black Liner it has a felt tip style applicator which isn't too big or too small making it great for eyeliner novices like myself, it has an intense black colour nothing like the MUA Extreme one review here! But the best part is the staying power of this it actually lasts! I'm so lucky to suffer from super oily/combination skin (NOT) so any make-up I apply to my face I want it to stay on my face not slide all the way down to my chin by the end of the day!

This is great for not smudging and lasts amazingly for nights outs and everyday wear, such a great product if your on a budget too I guess the waterproof factor plays a big part in the longativity of this liner, its easy to use/glide onto lid, I totally recommend it!

I've not worn the purple one just yet as it's defiantly not the dark purple I was expecting and unfortunately the tip broke as soon as i opened the packaging as you can see in the photo which makes it kind of difficult to apply.

ElF Waterproof Eyeliner 1.8g for £1.50 at eyeslipsface

(on the photos I did one eye a little thicker just show different way of how I wear it.)

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