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Thursday, 26 July 2012

I really should be saving money, what for i'm not so sure but i guess i didn't and so i have another haul oopsies.
The New Look sale was just so tempting and that's where the majority of the things i bought came from but i also went to a few other places too.

(boots and superdrug)
Once again Natural Collection at boots had there never ending 3 for £5 pound deal on so i decided to pick up the Blushed Cheeks blusher in Sweet Cheeks it's a matte rose'y pink shade its basic but great for the price at £1.99.

The Mascara i got is one of the Water Guard ones in Black/Brown I've not tried this by itself yet so i'm not sure if it's actually waterproof but for £1.99 you can't go wrong.

The last thing is a nail polish in Lunar Haze (love the name) it's a pearly lilac colour which needs too many coats for it to be opaque but as its the only one I've tried for the £1.98 price i'd happily try some more.

Life saving Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical 400ml £2.39, impulse in very very pink and guess what it was a total impulse buy haha (i'm so hilarious, NOT!), Boots Botanic's All Bright Eye Make Up Remover 1/3 off £2.66 (Originally £3.99).
Boots Botanic's Mattifying Gel Cream Shine Away 1/3 off £3.33 ('' £4.99)
They'll be a 'my thoughts/review' on the botanic's soon.
Cheap Conditioner £1, Essential Baby wipes you can never have enough two for one pound something, Collection 2000 Pump Up The Volume Mascara in black £3.99 on offer, this mascara has quite a wet formula and a curved wand i'm just hoping it dries out a little before i can use it properly.

(All from New Look)
After searching for what seems like forever for a perfect pair of 'SKINNY JEANS' i found the above one's from new look for £19.99 minus a few pounds with student discount all is well and there good quality blaaa but there just not so super skinny like they used to be so the search continues unfortunately :(.
Socks with cupcakes, animal print for a pound each why not? The two tops are the same style in different colours £4.00 each basic but essential.

(All from New Look)
The Biker style jacket above is probably one of my favorite things to wear right now it's great for the weird weather were having as it's a thin cotton material and lightweight so doesn't take up to much room in my bag. It was originally £29.99 never would i have payed that much but in the sale i got it for £15.00 which is reasonable but it makes me happy so i'm ok with it.

The next two i have longed for for some time now coloured jeans there both quite luminous (way out of my comfort zone) but there's a first everything right! (even if there not really the in thing anymore ha).
The green ones are cropped which came with a belt that i can't even fasten for £12.00 in the sale...... moving on the ones that make me smile were a slight bargain at £10.00 reduced from £22.99! 

(Top:Dorothy Perkins, Bottom: New Look)
The top two tops are from Dorothy Perkins i was going a little animal crazy if you can't tell but the Zebra top was just shouting out at me and i couldn't resist and with 15% student discount it somehow found it's way in my shopping bag coming home with me. It was originally £16.00 i got it for £13.60. The Toucan T-shirt (Yes i had to Google what it was shame on me!) was in the sale and again why i bought this i don't really know it's quite a sheer material which is strange but it was in the sale and i got it for £6.95.

The last very two tops are from New Look in the Sale the first a bird printed shirt for £8.00,
the other a mint green sheer chiffon blouse again i have longed for one of these ever since i saw one in primark and i got it for £7.00.

Hoped you enjoyed this post (:

What's your favorite find from sale shopping?

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