Benefit Bella Bamba Blush Review & Swatches

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Seeing Benefit and all its new products hitting the shelves in the past few months for me its about time i needed to get my hands on another full size something they had to offer.

Ive been in love with the Hervana Blush ever since i saw it for the past 2 years now. 
Its still not mine however with the hologram packaging housing a gorgeous rose shimmering shade of pink how could i not resist?

That is of course the Bella Bamba Benefit Blush.

 Having not really seen any reviews particularly about this shade or even looked for some i was a little skeptical & not sure what to expect.

Once trying it...

The shade colour is a muted watermelon pale rose pink with millions of iridescent glistening particles.
This what gives you the '3D pink' due to the mixture of pink shade along with the sparkles.

Just the way it feels is amazing never mind how it looks although i think it needs a mention too.

Its has a super soft texture which seems to melt into the skin looking stunning.

For days when I'm wanting a less done up look i don't gravitate towards this as much purely because the shimmer is intense.
(not always for me.)

One thing i do love about this is its perfect for the summer with the 3D effect it gives it does look beautiful defining your cheeks to a T & after 7 hours of wearing the Bella Bamba Blush there was actually product still on my cheeks at the end of the day when I've come to remove my face crazy right!?

Last of all the scent, not only are benefit products desirable enough it smells surprisingly delicious too.
(think freshly washed conditioned hair with that sweet berry scent you catch when swishing your hair.) 

For the price i paid compared to 'highstreet' bought blushes there is really no competition you DO get what you pay for that is complete amazingness.

Bella Bamba Benefit Blush 8.0g for £23.50

What Benefit Product are you lusting?

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