No7 Eyelash Curler My Thoughts

Sunday, 15 July 2012

So this is going to be a 'my thoughts' kinda post on No7's Lift & Curve Eyelash Curler.

Before the alluring £5 off No7 voucher ran out and being fully stocked up on the Stay Perfect Top Coat i decided it was time to try something new and the eyelash curler was the chosen one (after about an hour of browsing due to my indecisiveness).

These aren't the first time i have used curlers as i have the ELF £1.50 one's which for the price do the job but the No7's are by far the better of the two, they retail for £7.25 but with the voucher i spent a measly £2.25! 
They curl the lashes within seconds and you can defiantly feel them working as there very sturdy as well as thin framed so they get very near the root of the lash and lift and curl exactly what you need and want from a curler ha.

Included with these are two spare lash cushion pads too which is a bonus because where can you actually buy
the spares separately? 

Overall i think they are worth the whole £7.25 as they are such a basic but essential tool and why spend ridiculous amounts on something you can get for less.

Sorry for such shabby photos having super light lashes doesn't help and nether does trying to juggle an ipad and trying to find my eye to take the picture but after many failed attempts i found it haha.
I hope you can see the effect/improvement.

What do you spend your voucher's on?
Do you like eyelash curlers?



  1. I havent used any eyelash curlers before but I will have a look at these next time im in boots!Following your blog now lovely x

    1. You definitely should there great, thank you! x


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