17 BB Blemish Balm My Thoughts/Review

Thursday, 6 September 2012

So after dismissing this product for a little while there came a bad day which made me want to spend some money and this is something i purchased the 17 Blemish Balm. A miracle in a bottle? It should be from what it claims to do and i guess it's half way there, retailing at £6.99 i got it for £5.99 while it was still on  promotional offer but onto the product.

What it claims to do....

'All in one magic makeup -skincare, evens out skin tone, covers imperfections, oil control has an SPF of 25. Make up meets skincare the ultimate 'no make-up make-up, weightless creamy formula blends seemingly for a flawless finish. Improves skin condition in just four weeks!'

I'm a fan of the black and yellow packaging as it's vibrant eye catching, clear to understand and straight to the point...

Sleek yet simple, a major plus for me is that it's in a squeezey tube so you can use up and finish all the product.... 

So stupidly i didn't test out the product before buying, i just a assumed as it said light, light is what it should be. Wrong! I was met with a scary orange colour soo not my match but on first application after blending and buffing as much as possible i was impressed by the results it seemed to just blur out my imperfections ever so slightly to give a half way to perfect flawless look. The shade then suited my skin leaving a glowing finish (not the orange kind though). After continuous wear for the past 3 weeks i haven't seen no major improvement in my skin as such but saying that my skin has never been in great condition (it's something i'm still working on slowly, i just keep getting it wrong.) I don't think it really helps control oil for any longer than 1-2 hours as i'm constantly powdering as well as blotting throughout the day with or without this applied (that's what you get with super oily skin) so as i will still continue to use this once my bout of bad skin has improved (it clings to dry patches like i don't know what, defiantly not a good look!) Great product though with all the SPF goodness too i recommend for it's reasonably priced price   

An oh so worth it free gift? I guess so it was free after all.

(L-R) Eyeshadow in statuesque, lipgloss in in the nude, cream blush bronzed

What's your favourite BB cream? 

(: x


  1. lovely post! i've never tried this bb cream but my current favorite is loreal's <3 I'd love it if you could check out my blog, it'd mean a lot.
    Xaimarys ♡

  2. i love BB creams! have you checked out Korean BB Creams like Missha or Skin79 or Etude House? they're amazing!!



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