Mint Julep Mask Review

Sunday, 3 November 2013

After hearing good things as well as reading rave reviews i purchased the Mint Julep Masque to try out and see if it would live up to my expectations.

The mask comes packaged in a sturdy white tube with a green cap nothing too fancy just standard.

What the mask states...

Helps dry up acne pimples, rinse away blackheads & shrink enlarged pores,

Now onto the green stuff,
As you can imagine what with the name the mask has a minty fresh scent which is super refreshing, perfect for a relaxing pick me up, (cucumber on eyes everyone around you making as much noise as possible, yes i live in a mad house) well not so relaxing in my case but you get the idea.

With a thick green texture it's easily smeared on the skin as i think your natural body heat helps with applying a thin layer all over your face, providing it is a thin covering the mask takes 1-2 mins to fully dry going from a dark shade of green to a lighter colour, once this stage is over you should leave it on for 15 mins.
Personally i leave it on for anything up to 25 which is just my preference. 
By the time it takes to dry on your skin the product visibly seems to draw out oil + all other impurities from my pores which is something I've never seen before, so where I've covered over you seen tiny dots all over where the oils been drawn out, sounds gross right. 

Also it doesn't make your face as dry as a prune you can still move your face as freely as possible but the best thing about the Mint Julep Mask is the after result I'm left with muck free clean skin, a super soft texture and best of all noticeably reduced blackheads by no means do they disappear, but they're certainly not as dark as before i applied this mask.

The benefits of spot reduction i can't say too much about it as (*touch wood*) I've had seemingly less pimples in recent months, the one or two have cleared up though with the added extra of regularly using this mask. One thing i can say is it works a treat for oily skin but it's certainly suitable for all skin types.

Overall this is definitely something you should own on your shelf of many lotions + potions because for the price of £2.95 it's so worth a try!

 Mint Julep Masque 226.8g for £2.95/$4.87
I purchased mine at 

What's your go to face mask?

beccalouise xox


  1. Loved this post! We've nominated you for the sunshine award! x

    1. thanks chick i'll be sure to check it out! (: x

  2. I've nominated you for the sunshine award :) check it out here xx

  3. It sounds incredible but stuff like this always seems to bring out all my spots before they go away, didyou find this? I feel like when i put masks on, it makes my skin worse before it gets better.

    Love Em x

    1. it really is! surprisingly not so much it just soothes and makes it so much better than it was before, I'm not fan of masks that do that i just want clear skin quick ha (: xx

  4. This sounds really nice and reminds me of the mint lush mask :) x

    1. ooh Ive only ever seen the charcoal one i need to go and have a browse online me thinks (: xx

  5. I use the Mint Clay mask from St. Ives and I love it so much! It really gets the job done and leaves my skin super soft! I will maybe try this one and see how they compare!



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