w7 Prime Magic Eye Primer Review

Sunday, 24 November 2013

So when it comes to eyeshadow i always play save with the same old shades because my skills are no where near as advanced as i liked them to be but not only that i know what stays put throughout the night and what definitely doesn't! 

So with the party season well and truly just around the corner i thought it was time to find a necessary essential for my make up bag, especially something that adds extra perfection to my otherwise novice'ly applied make up.

Having never tried an eye primer to keep my eyeshadow in place for nights out/neutral everyday looks i knew i was missing out so when an opportunity arised i knew exactly what to choose.

The w7 Prime Magic Eye Primer* comes packaged in a standard clear tube (great to see how much products left) and has a doe foot applicator.

Now having never tried an eye primer before i wasn't quite sure what to expect, this one in-particular has a soft creamy texture which blends seemingly all over the lid using just my fingers but it also works well with a small clean eye brush too. Even though it is an obvious white colour the product does blend out to be completely sheer.

It moisturises slightly as well drying to a semi-matte iridescent sheen so even on lazy days I'll use my w7 Eye Prime just to add that little extra to my eyes + it helps with my oily eyelids too which is a bonus!

Having tested in both daytime/evening/night-time in different atmospheres I'd say it has at least 6 hours lasting power but up to 8 if you were to spend a a few minutes more gently layering and building up the colour on your eyes rather than packing it all on at once. 

This magic primer certainly helps shadow to stop creasing in everyday wear something that usually happens due to having super oily skin but even on a messy night out it pro-longs fading & stops it smugdeing all around my face (that's before I've even walked out the door), so all in all it's worth a try with a price tag of £2.99 (currently on offer at xtras for £1.99!)

 Overall it works, the thing for me is you can actually tell a difference with the quality it adds to your already perfect shade of shadow which is great, i don't know how I've coped without it all this time!

 w7 Magic Prime Eye Primer for £1.99!

What w7 products have you tried and liked? 

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  1. oh you can really tell- your eyeshadow looks amazing :)

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