Real Techniques Brush Haul/Review

Sunday, 17 November 2013

After debating for a whole year whether the RT brushes were a worthy purchase for someone who wasn't really allowed to wear a lot of make up or nail polish for my job (i don't know how i survived for TWO years!)

I just couldn't justify spending money on something that would essentially not be used that often but that was until i got a new job yayy me! 
My self-esteem is now back because I can be me again so before I started I of course had to update my beauty collection with a few new Barry M polishes but most importantly of all, the long awaited for Real Technique Brushes!

Upon there arrival i didn't really know what to expect, did i buy the right ones? Have i just wasted £50 of my hard earned moola?

Well you'll just have to keep reading......

Brushes Purchased:

Core Collection:
Buffing Brush - Rounded Dense, Flare Ended Brush
Contour Brush - Soft Fluffy Tapered Brush 

Stippling Brush - Duo Fibre Bristles with a Dense Brush Base,
Expert Face Brush -  Super Dense Rounded Short Bristled Brush
Blush Brush - Flared Tapered Soft Brush

In the past I've only ever used ELFcosmetics brushes so my expectations were pretty high, and well i have to say they defiantly didn't dissapoint.

Core Collection:
I'll start with my only dislike of this set which is the Pointed Foundation Brush I'm just not a fan i always find this type of brush always makes my face streaky no matter how careful i am in applying foundation around dry areas. Using this type of application it seems to lift the dry skin making my face look super dry/cakey and so not flawless!

But as for the other three i honestly can't fault them in anyway. The Buffing Brush helps me to work with my foundation so much more easily helping disguise pores as well as making it feel like a second skin because i feel that little bit of extra buffing makes the biggest difference by helping it settle in rather than it just sitting on the top my skin waiting to side off throughout the day.
I find the Contour Brush super helpful as i'm able to sweep away fallout eyeshadow easily, apply blush a lot more precisely & obviously contour with ease.

Last of all the Detailer Brush works wonders for helping to cover my super red breakouts but not only that since using this brush to layer on lip products they seem to make my lips look a lot more polished and professional if i do say so myself rather than just slapping on too much being paranoid its all around your mouth/on your teeth because you applied to much! 

Although the Expert Face Brush has multiple uses i found this particular one great to press powder into my skin as well as helping to apply foundation but other than that i've not really tried to apply anything else with it but maybe i should?

The Stippling Brush has to be a favourite of mine just because it makes applying foundation enjoyable as the end result makes skin look amazing not only that though this brush is quite versatile in the fact it apply's cream blush and mousse formulas really well as the products distrbute across the face evenly unlike the blush brush which i found out to be quite disaterous in applying those kind of formulated products.

Last of the bunch is my Blush Brush perfectly does a fantastic job especially with the tapered style & density of the brush helps again with application of powdered blushes.

Overall they are a great addition to my 'make up collection' certainly worth every penny spend and i look forward to purchasing a few more very soon especially the sponge quite intrigued about that one!

Ever Tried Real Technique Brushes?
What's your favourite brand of brushes?

I purchased mine from but you can get them from too and make a great saving with a few promo codes online!

                                                                            beccalouise xox

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